Saturday, December 3, 2011

Studying, Papers and Exams, Oh My!

Another week down, less than one to go. It has been an interesting one to say the least. It started out as a weird week, and ended a fatigued one. Roomie dearest had a falling out with her boyfriend, so I played roomie again, and for the first time she stayed the night three times in a row. Its nice to have her here, but it totally threw off my schedule.

Then, Wednesday rolled around and I stressed all day, and the days before, for my French oral exam. Surprisingly I found it went rather well. Before that exam, the internet over the whole campus went down. So for 9 hours, I had no internet. It would have been alright if half of the material for my socio test wasn't online. Those chapters were only available online, not in our book, and I was planning on studying them Wednesday afternoon. But since I was in bed when the internet came back on, I had to cram before the exam at 8:30. So needless to say I was a tad stressed. It also didn't help that I had two exams that day either. But, surpisingly, for cramming at 7, I pulled out a 92.5. I don't know how it happened, but it did.

Then to top everything off, my week was anything but done. An art history exam to start off the day, and a paper due that evening rounded out my week. I managed a 94 on the art history test, again, rather surprisingly will the stress, and the paper got almost finished when the deadline was extended. So when I finish writing this post, I am off to microsoft word, and write a conclusion read my 5 pages and turn that sucker in.

So now 4 exams down, 3 classes all done but the final grade, and only 2 classes, 2 exams and less than 7 days left to go. I have to say, that is a really nice prospect.

Well, this weekend so far, although been relaxing, it rather busy, oxymoron I know. Well, this morning I was off to Krogers, which included a rather long wait at the bus stop. It would have been much shorter if it wasn't for the hordes of fans going to Robertson stadium. The first bus just passed right by me since I couldn't see it till it was too late, and the bus couldn't see me and just sailed right on past. And to add insult to injury almost everyone who passed, either on rickshaw, car, scooter or on foot decided to stare at the girl knitting at the bus stop. And then a really annoying guy decides to wait for his friends at the stop. Good thing his friend didn't dawdle getting there or I would have punched his lights out.

But the return trip went well. Nothing bad to report, I got off the bus a stop too early, so I had a slightly longer walk, but it wasn't too bad. Other than that nothing much to report.

Oh, knitting, I almost forgot. Not much knitting this week as you can imagine. I got a good amount done on Vlad, and am almost done with sleeve take 2. After I finished the sweater Mum measured Justin and I found out that the sleeves are 2 inches too short. So now they have to come out and get re-done. So that is now my television knitting for now.

So now I have two more exams to take, as well as packing up and wrapping up the semester. If all goes well I will be on a plane come Saturday morning. So time to finish watching the depressing 4th quarter of the football game and try to get the motivation to finish my paper before Sunday night.

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