Monday, August 29, 2011

Trying once again

I feel as thought I am ahead of the game, since I actually managed to title my post, (cough cough, Mum) but, that isn't to say that I won't start to neglect my post once again. I shall try really hard to keep up with it, all I can do is try.

The first week of classes here at UH (Univ. of Houston) seem to be going well. Not too much excitement, good thing because it took the bookstore a week to assemble my order. Gotta love the temporary hires! At least they got my order right, I (well Dad and Mum) paid enough. Sorry, it seems as thought I am coming off as more of an irate college kid, not a docile sophomore (don't fall off your chairs guys, it isn't too far of a stretch!)

Knitting, oh yeah, that's why we created this blog in the first place. With class time and down time, I have gotten a surprising amount done, and have taken notes and done my homework. So, how far have I gotten, well, I have just finished the back of the super secret commission due the 25th of December. It was done in the round until the armholes, then worked back and forth from there. I joined and started the front during an episode of "Are You Being Served?" from somewhere in the bowels of YouTube.

I have found what seems to be the answer to life's hypoglycemic question, (of which Mum will be glad to hear) I have found the best granolaish bar yet. The c-stores on campus sell whats called a 'cliff' bar, and they are great. The builder bar has 20 grams of protein, is nice and chocolaty and tasty, and better yet, is low glycemic so that is digests real slowly to keep from getting a sugar spike. Now if I were to have found these earlier, I could have kept the earth in one place most of the summer, other than its normal speed. Now the question would be, are they any wheres close to being reasonably priced in the grocery store or will I have to use my cougar bucks before christmas break and come home with a superfluous amount?

Well, it seems to be creeping up on my bedtime at the moment, so I shall have to end it hear, hope there aren't any glaring errors in my post and hit the hay. 'Cause I can't be losing my title of 'prude' of the dorms now can I??

By the way, how 'bout that blurry pic of me at the top of the last post? Sure lighting the web ablaze with that one I know.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall.... it is really fall, what happened to the summer? Did I blink and miss it? Bugger. Both Kathryn and Lindsay have returned home and left leaving me once again to knit alone. So how many days till Christmas break? Too many to count. It seems both girls are back in their dorms and moving along smoothly in their school lives. Funny thing happens when you raise kids to grow up think for themselves and become independent.... they go off think for themselves and have become independent. I wonder if the schools are ready for them? Time will only tell.