Sunday, November 21, 2010


First semester RA=tons of work.........
It is 1am and this is the first time I've been able to sit down and have time to myself since the beginning of the semester so I thought now would be a good time to get a blog post in. I think I am going to have to start putting a time slot in my day planner just for blogging. Oh which reminds me, have to talk to my advisor on Monday.....Oh which reminds me, I have to get my floor event evaluation in to my boss....oh which reminds me, I have another floor event on Monday....oh which reminds me: staff meeting on Monday night.....which reminds me I have to write up that incident report it and email it to my boss, oh and crap my history final project is due in two weeks as well as my sociology project as well catch the drift of my life this past semester.

One of the only things that has kept me sane this semester is a project I stumbled upon quite by accident. One of my fellow RA's, who is quite quirky, which you will find out when you find out the nature of the project, commissioned me to make him a bearded hat. Yes, a hat with a beard on it. But it worked out for both of us. I had my creative outlet by making this up out of the blue with no pattern, just a picture.....and Ross has a new ski cap. Once I get a picture of it I'll post it, because I accidentally already gave it to him without having taken a picture of it.

What else has happened to me? Obviously everything will not make it into the post as it would be a novel and I really am not up to writing an autobiography. Basically just fed up with all the petty childish behavior around the dorms this year. People holding grudges because they got in trouble. I found all the door decorations on my door ripped down because I was doing my job and that caused them to get in trouble. Oh, and the girl in my chemistry class who asks stupid questions every two seconds. That I don't have a problem with, I ask stupid questions all the time and generally advocate for them because someone needs to ask what we are all thinking. What makes it bad is the kid who sits behind me who makes rude, smart ass, and just generally rude remarks every time she says something. I wish people would have a little more self control.

On a brighter note.....Thanksgiving is this week :) I am so looking forward to blowing this popsicle stand on Wednesday and leaving campus for the first time since September. Time to get away and have fun. Well, probably just have a change of scenery for the mound of homework that is bound to accumulate between now and Tuesday :( But I get turkey and so much other awesome food............

Well, I guess I should start the task that I should have an hour ago....clean my room. So you can bet that from now everytime I blog, my room is probably a disaster and I don't want to clean it.

Happy Turkey Day!

Blossom of a Rose (Yes I changed my name, I was never quite happy with double crochet cuz it was made up on a whim.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to get back to the buisness of blogging

Well the girls are away at college the little ones are in school and I am left with a bit of time on my hands. What happens when I have a little time on my hands......well I blog what else. It is strange the kids off to school and I am left with the cats. Dixie and Chappy are handling the situation poorly. Chappy has claimed Lindsay's room while Dixie likes to wait for birds and look for who else, I'm sure I don't know, out the front room.

Now we start the wait....for the college kids to come home. Dixie may have already started.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So small

So small I can't get the thought that a baby that has a head no bigger than a light bulb has a chance to grow up and have a healthy life. Years ago, heck when I started knitting these hats some 10 years ago a baby less than a pound didn't have a very good chance and didn't live very long.

Why am I so close to this cause knitting for preemies.....why isn't every knitter passionate about knitting for preemie babies? Since I have started knitting for preemies I have met some out standing knitters and crocheters. People taking knitting needlesa, or crochet hook, soft yarn and create some of the most beautiful preemie hats that truly help a baby born to early. I am so proud to be counted with preemie knitters who care. Yes I care so much I have joined with a couple friends and my oldest daughter to create a group called "Beanies for Preemies" We can be found on Facebook and on ravelry and here.

Knitting for preemies is so worth while you won't regret giving of yourself or you time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello the name is Dixie(use to be Dusty but they say I don't look like a Dusty, what dose a Dusty look like). I'm the new cat in town or better yet the house. I came all the way from Buffalo to El Paso. For anyone who doesn't fly that is two plane rides. Take offs well I can do without them. My human (she also bloggs here) the college student is very good company on the long flight. She did stroke my head and I could poke my head out of the little door from time to time, don't tell the airlines I don't think they would like it very much. Yes it has been only a short time since I moved here but I think I like it. I have people to rub my head and pet me all I like and the one they call dad well he even let me sleep next to him. Yes I think I'm going to like it here. Just the other day I found out they have real wool here. Two of the human do a thing call knitting. Don't care much about the knitting part but the wool, it still smells like sheep YUMMMMM. Oh and one of the humans she crochets can't wait to get my teeth on one of those crochet hooks, did you know they glitter in the sun. I think I can have some fun here. Better go the other cat is on his way Chappy Cat is his name and I think I will have him wrapped around my little paw soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Callithumpian-like few days

Well, spring break has sprung! It appears as though the grand illusions of sleeping in, taking it easy and having an awesome week off are utterly overrated, for me at least. Every morning has been greeted by a duet of squeaky clarinet and recorder practice the afternoons are characterized by cleaning and sibling bickering. The few moments I have left for myself are spent getting college stuff together. So these few days have been marked by many callithumpian displays (noisy parades, whoever coined this word must have had siblings).

I seem to have the dullest life ever, for it seems as thought I have nothing noteworthy left to report, sad I know! The most fun I have had this week so far would have to be playing around with my brother, Ian and getting him mad at me.

I would put in a picture or to but the only thing I have accomplished is finishing both "Deep Dish" by Mary Kay Andrews and "Daughter of Deceit" by Victoria Holt. Both very good books by the way.

So I guess I will sign off with the the hope to post soon so...


Lindy Lou

Irish soda bread

Can you tell I live with animals and they make life a giggle. When ever I get a new bag of cat food an open it up Chappy Cat thinks it is self serve.
I have learned a long time ago waste nothing. My grandmother came from Germany and new how to pinch a penny. Could it be passed down in our DNA well maybe but like my grandmother I don't throw anything away. I started this lap blanket last year and when I have left over sock yarn I make a square. I just finished a 8 squares and have set it aside.

Yum my favorite bread to make.... Irish Soda bread. I started making this bread about 3 years ago and couldn't think about celebrating St Patty's day with out a loaf in the oven. It makes the whole house smell yummy.

Happy St Patty's day to everyone!

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, I feel as though this has been the first time I have been able to sit down at a computer for more than a 5 minute stretch. On top of Residence Council events to put on, my professors seem to think it was a perfect time to pile loads of homework on. Let's see, we'll start way back at last weekend. That Friday night was spent ice skating with two of my bestest friends Crystal and Catherine :) It was so much fun, even though it took the first half hour or so for me to feel comfortable skating without clinging onto one of them. Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post was the Residence Council tubing event. Sadly I do not have pictures of that as I was having too much fun going down the hills to try and multitask by taking pictures at the same time.
Well......I guess it wasn't all work, I did have a very exciting Sunday the weekend before last. Riverdance came to town, and I went!!!!!!! It was so amazing! The energy felt throughout the theater was indescribable. If they are coming to your town, I definitely recommend seeing them. A well spent Sunday afternoon. That Sunday night was our annual "Change for Change" change counting night. At the beginning of the school year we get "Change for Change" containers that we put spare change in throughout the year. Then in the second semester we get together on a Sunday night before mass and count the change together over pizza. We did quite well this year and raised close to $300 to donate to Catholic Charities.
Last week was spent doing homework, homework, and guess what.....more homework. On Tuesday we had the in class portion of our Religious Studies midterm, and Monday was my English midterm. I felt pretty good going into each exam, but coming out of them not so much. The questions on my Religious Studies exam were sooooooo vague. For example.........."The following principles in Aristotle's metaphysics are found in understanding the post biblical understanding of the trinity." My first thought was, Aristotle was before Jesus' time, wasn't he??? Oh well, I ended up getting a B on it, so not too bad. English exams I always find hard to study for, because the course is all reading, if you read the stories, you know the plot, and therefore can answer the questions. The exam consisted of several passages selected from various stories and we had to write which story it was from, the author, and why the passage is significant. Again, I didn't feel very confident walking out of that classroom, but was happy to receive a 74 out of 75 on it :)
This last weekend was packed with homework. On Friday in our English class my English professor happened to mention that, although she had not assigned any reading assignments, we should be finished with the book and would have a quiz on Monday. That would have been fine, if I was farther along in the book, instead of only on Chapter 3 out of 15. So take cramming a novel into a weekend, add 10 short essays for a take-home portion of the Religious Studies midterm, a shopping outing with Catherine, Dick, and Erin, and what do you get? A jam-packed, exhausting weekend. The good news's all over! And next week is Spring Break. There will not be any posts from during our break as I will be in Pittsburgh, PA with the Alternative Spring Break trip. We will be staying in a Convent and spending the week doing community service around the city, so I will not have access to a computer. But I will be back on Sunday with lots of pictures to show :) I went last year and had a blast, and this year will have an extra perk......I didn't give up sweets for lent, so I will have full access to the soft-serve ice cream machine that the nuns have in the cafeteria :) I have a feeling I am going to have to hit the gym extra hard when I get back........

Well, I guess I better get a start on the German homework I have and see how much I can get done before next week. Why oh why did he have to give us an essay over spring break?????

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A post full of floccinaucinihilipilification

Well it seems as though I will be the last to introduce myself. I am a senior in high school, looking at colleges. I am also a knitter, hence the name of the blog. And if you hadn't noticed I love to use big works (fyi- floccinaucinihilipilification means nothing, you can be a master of floccinaucinihilipilification, cool right?). I guess that's just about all for me, being a rather dull person I don't have much to say, besides the fact I love to read and fold paper(origami).

So I guess it's time to sign off with the hopes that my next post will more interesting (other than the addition of colored font) than this one, so...

Lindy Lou

Thursday, March 4, 2010

First blog post!

Hi! I'm Kathryn (double crochet), one of the daughters on this there mother-daughter blog. I am currently in my fourth semester at D'Youville College, which is 1,500 miles from home, one of the reasons we started this blog. Seeings as I only get to see my mum and my sister twice a year for Christmas and summer, this blog allows you and both of them a glimpse into my life, as well as the lives of my two other wonderful family members. So.....on with blogging?
This week has been an eye in the storm for me. It has been relatively calm with nothing going on. However once this weekend starts I will be running around hither dither. This Saturday I am going to be having the last of 3 interviews for the Resident's Assistant position I am applying for. Also on Saturday will be a Snow Tubing event that I am helping put on as a member of Residence Council. I will definitely be posting pictures of that, it is sure to be lots of fun. And then finally on Sunday is a performance of Riverdance that I have tickets to!!!! Add schoolwork on top of that, you get a very busy girl!
As this is also a blog where we will share all our crafts (I mostly crochet) I should probably tell you what I am working on right now. Last night I finished an ear band to keep out the cold on our Tubing trip. I have also finished a sweater recently for the Ravelympics. (If you are a knitter or crocheter on Ravelry and haven't done this, look into it for the 2012 olympics, it's a blast. If you aren't on Ravelry and knit and crochet-look into it, it's amazing!) The sweater was a Fisherman's pullover: Right now I am working on a pink lace sweater found in a Crochet Today magazine. It is turning out really nice, however no pictures yet since I am barely halfway done with the back, sorry.
Just wanted to say that your first post was a great way to start off this blog. Well said.
"Here we are
Sharing our lives,
We made it through
The good and bad times.
And still we stand,
With hope in our hearts
No matter what
We will play our part.
And now we've come so far
One chance to touch a star
Go higher and higher,
Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made." -Delta Goodrem "Together we are one"

So, first blog post finished.....I am off to start my Deutsch Hausaufgaben (German Homework), and read 50 pages of "The Song of Solomon" for English class tomorrow.

A letter to my daughters

The thought of you growing up doesn't frighten me the thought of you growing away and not letting me into you life frightens me. My hope, with this blog, is that you will always let me have a peek into your world and that you might want to take a peek into mine. Life is a wonderful ride you have to hand on with both hands but not to tight you need a little fun.