Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, I feel as though this has been the first time I have been able to sit down at a computer for more than a 5 minute stretch. On top of Residence Council events to put on, my professors seem to think it was a perfect time to pile loads of homework on. Let's see, we'll start way back at last weekend. That Friday night was spent ice skating with two of my bestest friends Crystal and Catherine :) It was so much fun, even though it took the first half hour or so for me to feel comfortable skating without clinging onto one of them. Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post was the Residence Council tubing event. Sadly I do not have pictures of that as I was having too much fun going down the hills to try and multitask by taking pictures at the same time.
Well......I guess it wasn't all work, I did have a very exciting Sunday the weekend before last. Riverdance came to town, and I went!!!!!!! It was so amazing! The energy felt throughout the theater was indescribable. If they are coming to your town, I definitely recommend seeing them. A well spent Sunday afternoon. That Sunday night was our annual "Change for Change" change counting night. At the beginning of the school year we get "Change for Change" containers that we put spare change in throughout the year. Then in the second semester we get together on a Sunday night before mass and count the change together over pizza. We did quite well this year and raised close to $300 to donate to Catholic Charities.
Last week was spent doing homework, homework, and guess what.....more homework. On Tuesday we had the in class portion of our Religious Studies midterm, and Monday was my English midterm. I felt pretty good going into each exam, but coming out of them not so much. The questions on my Religious Studies exam were sooooooo vague. For example.........."The following principles in Aristotle's metaphysics are found in understanding the post biblical understanding of the trinity." My first thought was, Aristotle was before Jesus' time, wasn't he??? Oh well, I ended up getting a B on it, so not too bad. English exams I always find hard to study for, because the course is all reading, if you read the stories, you know the plot, and therefore can answer the questions. The exam consisted of several passages selected from various stories and we had to write which story it was from, the author, and why the passage is significant. Again, I didn't feel very confident walking out of that classroom, but was happy to receive a 74 out of 75 on it :)
This last weekend was packed with homework. On Friday in our English class my English professor happened to mention that, although she had not assigned any reading assignments, we should be finished with the book and would have a quiz on Monday. That would have been fine, if I was farther along in the book, instead of only on Chapter 3 out of 15. So take cramming a novel into a weekend, add 10 short essays for a take-home portion of the Religious Studies midterm, a shopping outing with Catherine, Dick, and Erin, and what do you get? A jam-packed, exhausting weekend. The good news's all over! And next week is Spring Break. There will not be any posts from during our break as I will be in Pittsburgh, PA with the Alternative Spring Break trip. We will be staying in a Convent and spending the week doing community service around the city, so I will not have access to a computer. But I will be back on Sunday with lots of pictures to show :) I went last year and had a blast, and this year will have an extra perk......I didn't give up sweets for lent, so I will have full access to the soft-serve ice cream machine that the nuns have in the cafeteria :) I have a feeling I am going to have to hit the gym extra hard when I get back........

Well, I guess I better get a start on the German homework I have and see how much I can get done before next week. Why oh why did he have to give us an essay over spring break?????

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