Thursday, March 4, 2010

First blog post!

Hi! I'm Kathryn (double crochet), one of the daughters on this there mother-daughter blog. I am currently in my fourth semester at D'Youville College, which is 1,500 miles from home, one of the reasons we started this blog. Seeings as I only get to see my mum and my sister twice a year for Christmas and summer, this blog allows you and both of them a glimpse into my life, as well as the lives of my two other wonderful family members. So.....on with blogging?
This week has been an eye in the storm for me. It has been relatively calm with nothing going on. However once this weekend starts I will be running around hither dither. This Saturday I am going to be having the last of 3 interviews for the Resident's Assistant position I am applying for. Also on Saturday will be a Snow Tubing event that I am helping put on as a member of Residence Council. I will definitely be posting pictures of that, it is sure to be lots of fun. And then finally on Sunday is a performance of Riverdance that I have tickets to!!!! Add schoolwork on top of that, you get a very busy girl!
As this is also a blog where we will share all our crafts (I mostly crochet) I should probably tell you what I am working on right now. Last night I finished an ear band to keep out the cold on our Tubing trip. I have also finished a sweater recently for the Ravelympics. (If you are a knitter or crocheter on Ravelry and haven't done this, look into it for the 2012 olympics, it's a blast. If you aren't on Ravelry and knit and crochet-look into it, it's amazing!) The sweater was a Fisherman's pullover: Right now I am working on a pink lace sweater found in a Crochet Today magazine. It is turning out really nice, however no pictures yet since I am barely halfway done with the back, sorry.
Just wanted to say that your first post was a great way to start off this blog. Well said.
"Here we are
Sharing our lives,
We made it through
The good and bad times.
And still we stand,
With hope in our hearts
No matter what
We will play our part.
And now we've come so far
One chance to touch a star
Go higher and higher,
Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made." -Delta Goodrem "Together we are one"

So, first blog post finished.....I am off to start my Deutsch Hausaufgaben (German Homework), and read 50 pages of "The Song of Solomon" for English class tomorrow.


  1. Well done little one I'm so proud. Love the poem.

  2. What a fun and special blog!! I can't wait to read more and follow your mother daughter blog! So fun!

    Katheryn, I am new to knitting (thanks to your mum) and crocheting and LOVE it! I hope one day to be as good as you and your mum! I am finding I am better at crocheting, so I look forward to seeing more of your work!!