Thursday, May 20, 2010

So small

So small I can't get the thought that a baby that has a head no bigger than a light bulb has a chance to grow up and have a healthy life. Years ago, heck when I started knitting these hats some 10 years ago a baby less than a pound didn't have a very good chance and didn't live very long.

Why am I so close to this cause knitting for preemies.....why isn't every knitter passionate about knitting for preemie babies? Since I have started knitting for preemies I have met some out standing knitters and crocheters. People taking knitting needlesa, or crochet hook, soft yarn and create some of the most beautiful preemie hats that truly help a baby born to early. I am so proud to be counted with preemie knitters who care. Yes I care so much I have joined with a couple friends and my oldest daughter to create a group called "Beanies for Preemies" We can be found on Facebook and on ravelry and here.

Knitting for preemies is so worth while you won't regret giving of yourself or you time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello the name is Dixie(use to be Dusty but they say I don't look like a Dusty, what dose a Dusty look like). I'm the new cat in town or better yet the house. I came all the way from Buffalo to El Paso. For anyone who doesn't fly that is two plane rides. Take offs well I can do without them. My human (she also bloggs here) the college student is very good company on the long flight. She did stroke my head and I could poke my head out of the little door from time to time, don't tell the airlines I don't think they would like it very much. Yes it has been only a short time since I moved here but I think I like it. I have people to rub my head and pet me all I like and the one they call dad well he even let me sleep next to him. Yes I think I'm going to like it here. Just the other day I found out they have real wool here. Two of the human do a thing call knitting. Don't care much about the knitting part but the wool, it still smells like sheep YUMMMMM. Oh and one of the humans she crochets can't wait to get my teeth on one of those crochet hooks, did you know they glitter in the sun. I think I can have some fun here. Better go the other cat is on his way Chappy Cat is his name and I think I will have him wrapped around my little paw soon.