Friday, July 20, 2012

Episode 58: Deja Vu and Laundry Cannons

Sorry for the sound guys, I don't know why we sound so quiet! Finished Objects: Michelle: Afternoon Tea Shawl WIP's: Michelle: Tony the Toy Box Monster A whole host of other projects that I can't remember...... Lindsay: Butterfly Cross Stitch Pi shawl Red Shawl (Can't quite remember the name) Kathryn: Pi shawl Ethereal triangle shawl Cross Stitch Future Plans! Ravelennic games :) Michelle: Lace shawl (with beads!) Lindsay: Cabled Cardigan Kathryn: Cabled shrug

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Episode 56: Plenty O' Projects and Stash Enhancements!

Show Notes:

Manohara- in black lace yarn, coming along nicely.


Half PI in Knit Picks Deep Waters

Desert half PI- with made up lace, in the last section.

Bernie the Brontosaurus

Cupcake, for Carin from Round the Twist


Peaches and Creme halfish pi. Was going to be a citron, but the stripes had other ideas.

Etheral shawl, again, coming along nicely.


Blue neckerchief


PI shawl, in basalt heather

Liliaceae, in I love this Sport, red.


Angus the Attic Monster, from the big book of monsters, by Rebecca Danger. It is now Kathryn's since I wasn't too enthralled with the finished result, and she was.


We totally forgot to mention when we recorded that today, Friday is Kathryn's birthday! So in whatever way you can or want to, either on Plurk, Ravelry, or here in a comment, wish her a Happy Birthday. Have a nice week, and we will see you next week!

And from all of us here at the 3 stitches, we apologize for the extreme lateness in the posting of this week's installment. Blip really did not want to cooperate!!