Sunday, November 21, 2010


First semester RA=tons of work.........
It is 1am and this is the first time I've been able to sit down and have time to myself since the beginning of the semester so I thought now would be a good time to get a blog post in. I think I am going to have to start putting a time slot in my day planner just for blogging. Oh which reminds me, have to talk to my advisor on Monday.....Oh which reminds me, I have to get my floor event evaluation in to my boss....oh which reminds me, I have another floor event on Monday....oh which reminds me: staff meeting on Monday night.....which reminds me I have to write up that incident report it and email it to my boss, oh and crap my history final project is due in two weeks as well as my sociology project as well catch the drift of my life this past semester.

One of the only things that has kept me sane this semester is a project I stumbled upon quite by accident. One of my fellow RA's, who is quite quirky, which you will find out when you find out the nature of the project, commissioned me to make him a bearded hat. Yes, a hat with a beard on it. But it worked out for both of us. I had my creative outlet by making this up out of the blue with no pattern, just a picture.....and Ross has a new ski cap. Once I get a picture of it I'll post it, because I accidentally already gave it to him without having taken a picture of it.

What else has happened to me? Obviously everything will not make it into the post as it would be a novel and I really am not up to writing an autobiography. Basically just fed up with all the petty childish behavior around the dorms this year. People holding grudges because they got in trouble. I found all the door decorations on my door ripped down because I was doing my job and that caused them to get in trouble. Oh, and the girl in my chemistry class who asks stupid questions every two seconds. That I don't have a problem with, I ask stupid questions all the time and generally advocate for them because someone needs to ask what we are all thinking. What makes it bad is the kid who sits behind me who makes rude, smart ass, and just generally rude remarks every time she says something. I wish people would have a little more self control.

On a brighter note.....Thanksgiving is this week :) I am so looking forward to blowing this popsicle stand on Wednesday and leaving campus for the first time since September. Time to get away and have fun. Well, probably just have a change of scenery for the mound of homework that is bound to accumulate between now and Tuesday :( But I get turkey and so much other awesome food............

Well, I guess I should start the task that I should have an hour ago....clean my room. So you can bet that from now everytime I blog, my room is probably a disaster and I don't want to clean it.

Happy Turkey Day!

Blossom of a Rose (Yes I changed my name, I was never quite happy with double crochet cuz it was made up on a whim.)