Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preparations, Meet Mundane Daily Life

A long yet short week, and it is only halfway over. Last minute Christmas stuff seems to be filling every moment, a shopping trip here, groceries there, scurrying with wrapping paper everywhere. The flow of baked goods still hasn't ended, with Justin baking brownies at a friends house today resulting in a plate coming home. Christmas lights have gone up, the Grinch is inflated and slowly but surely the house is making its transition to a more festive state.

Mum has to finish up Kathryn's sweater and I have to seam up the butcho (poncho for butt (racheal). Long story short- Racheal was ruffle butt and that slowly evolved from ruffle butt to ruffles then to just plain butt.) All the tags for Dad's vest are pulled in, and that was a task in itself, Justin's is done, and Mum pawned Ian's off on me too. And if anyone asks, the three sweaters and butcho under my covers are all projects I did over the semester and got lazy on the finishing. I had to make up a cover story quickly to avoid suspicion over the mass of knitting on my bed. And technically it isn't a lie, per say.

And when all that is done, comes wrapping. Apparently it is very hard to find garment boxes anymore, so now I have to find a way to wrap a bunch of sweaters. The roll of paper that nearly misses your head will be me, sorry.

Oh, and on the grade front, I am happy to say that I now have all of my grades. And Bean is a hero. I managed to get straight A's. 3 A's and 2 A-'s. The A-'s were so close to being A's, it was like kissing Ian. But I can't complain, straight A's are straight A's.

So what's on my needles now? Well it seems as though I have been seaming more than I have been actually knitting. Uncle Jim's sweater now has the sleeves taken off and now is just a race to finish the 15 or so inches until the ribbing. The bed socks have sat on my dresser since my last post, not intentionally though. I need to get Uncle Jim's sweater done first, so they take a backseat. I also managed to finish Mum's abandoned cross stitch from a while ago. I did most of it over the summer but ran out of time on the final border, so that was yesterday's project, and I am happy to say it was done before tea-time.

I finally, have gotten my haircut. This kind of event usually isn't that groundbreaking, but since about a week or two into the semester it became apparent that I got a terrible haircut. It looked marginal in the salon, but what could I do at that point, to fix it it would have had to be shaved off, since i like my hair short short. So as it grew out, it kinda turned into a chick mullet. When it was cut, instead of leaving it long enough to go around my ears, they cut around my ears, so I had rather short hair on the front a a fringe of almost shoulder length hair in the back. It is finally gone, I have a good looking haircut and I don't look like I should be from the 80's.

I must get back to seaming, maybe tonight I can actually work on a knitting project! I still have a tie pillow to make for my secret Santa, but I have a day or two left.

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