Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sundays Are Not For Resting

I made it through the barrage of cookies cakes and other such sweets and end of the semester parties that are obligatory in elementary school, barely. We also have enough cookies and such at home to open a small shop. It will be a miracle this Christmas season to not gain weight. Needless to say my willpower is a tad lacking.

I have casted on for the Uncle Jim sweater. It is about 15 increases in and it is kinda poking along. Yes, I know that that much progress is good for only working on it since 3 yesterday afternoon, but shouldn't it go faster? I think it may be plunked on my dresser for half a day to finish my mardi gras bed socks. You know those bags of donated yarn? Well there was some very vibrant fuzzy yarn that got some short rows and size 3's and made a really cute sock. So I have to finish the heel of that socks and do another. I know you have been waiting with baited breath to see the result of Vlad, but no dice. Sorry, the camera has been hiding, nursing low batteries, so you guys will have to wait.

I really don't know how much knitting I will get done today due to the fact that both me and Kathryn have been enlisted to babysit the neighbors. Not that I mind, just bring the little brother and he and Noah play and play and play and play till mum and dad pick Justin up, and Noah crashes on the couch. The only thing we are there for are to feed them and keep them from hurting themselves, each other, or breaking stuff. The only thing is that they usually stay out rather late (for me at least, I am the one who goes to be religiously at 9 during the semester), and they only way to get Noah to sleep is mindless shows on Noggin. It's a good thing they invented blind knitting. Without it my mind would be mush. So it will be a late night tonight, good thing the kids don't have school and I can sleep in tomorrow morning since we will be going absolutely nowhere.

Now all I have to do is wait for Bean to post my last grade. Either he will be a hero or the mean nasty professor who messed up my straight A's. It's his choice. Although this semester was the last one he plans to teach at UH so I doubt my measly grade will stain his conscience.

Football is on, I think it is time to knit.

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