Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Insomnia

Well it's 4 AM right now, Christmas morning. I can't sleep as per usual and so in Christmases to come I don't get implicated, I am quietly typing out this post, not venturing from my room. Partly because of the dog and partly because of all the grief I get from mainly Kathryn about my early Christmas wake ups. Its not my fault if I can't go back to sleep at 4 Am is it?

The buildup to Christmas this year was nice. We got a nice winter storm 2 days ago that dropped the temperature to around freezing at best and put about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Whether that snow is still on the ground as I type, I don't know.

We exchanged our secret Santa gifts and assorted other gifts last night, and my secret Santa, who I can now reveal as being Racheal loved her gifts. Although it can be hard not to love seamonkeys and ribbon jewelry kits right? My secret Santa was far from being secret, but that was alright, she gave me a Musical Ride t-shirt. I would mention some of the other gifts I got, but I haven't got them yet.

With all this decorating, you may ask if I got any knitting done at all. And I would have to reply au contrare my good blogging buddy, whereas it is true, decorations go up the two days before Christmas as per tradition (and don't come down till three kings Sunday) between present wrapping and cooking and such I have gotten less than 3 inches away from the ribbing on Uncle Jim's sweater. Which I have to say is a relief cause my tentative goal is to finish before new years.

And Christmas sweaters were exchanged also last night, and if I had a picture I would post it, but I don't so I won't. All of the sweaters that we made were very well received. They all fit, and were finished on time, so mission completion!

So a peek to the future, get out your crystal balls guys! Once everyone gets up, we will open stockings, rip through presents, the whack the overnight baked porridge in the oven and go to church. When we get home our porridge will be done, we will eat, then the endless box opening and twistties, and battery finding will begin. Then comes the chorus of "why don't you wait on _______, you have all Christmas break to do __________" (reader may fill in blanks with whatever kit, game or other unwrapped goodie strikes their fancy.) Then we shall sup on a gorgeous beef roast, green bean casserole stuffing and such, then to top it all off, we shall light the Christmas pudding (hopefully not any eyebrows or Mum's tablecloth! We've had a few close calls) and top that with a bit of ice cream or custard, or pecan pie for the younger ones. Then once the kids go to bed, Dad, Kathryn and I get to play with the kids' toys.

Now it's time for Hulu and me to watch some television. Like last year I think I will catch up on some Law and Order SVU. Hulu has seen this episode a million times, but I haven't, but that doesn't matter because he will watch it over again, just for me, cause I asked. Isn't he sweet?

To the very few readers we have out there, have a very safe warm and most of all Merry Christmas, if our oversees readers haven't already. As a side note, thanks to all of the readers out there, it's nice to know that someone reads these words I string together. You can tell my life is dull when the threshold of exitement lies with how many hits this blog gets. Sorry, bit of a downer on the warm Christmas spirit of before, so here Merry Christmas, and to all a good night (or morning in my case)

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