Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Way to much time with a camera

Well I am happy to say Justin has really bounced back from his asthma attack. As I type he is playing in the back yard and disobeying me.... no coat and it isn't even 60 degrees. My thought is when he gets cold he will come in....... okay when I tell him to come in and put his coat on he will come in.
I never knew just how much I liked the color red. I stood by the stove mixing and smooshing cranberrys thinking this would be a great color for wool then I looked down at a pair of red socks I had finished months ago. Yep I seem to like red.
Pisssst note from Cuddles (aka Dixie). Mum really needs to put that camera down. Now I can see whey she would take a photo of me but the next photo well she mush have lost her mind.
I know people think big dog and a dog of a certain breed and they think bad dog. Well look at this face, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and he is one of the best dogs in the world. I would put him up against the best and he would win over hearts with his sad puppy dog eyes his doggie kisses. He truly is a member of this family just like our children and cats.....no not gerbils, gerbils are rats. When I saw Kathryn curled around Sedgwick well I thought this is truly how he is. His feelings gets hurt and he loves as much as any one would and could love. So come on people get a grip don't hate the dog educated the owners, on lookers and passer by ers.
Ian's socks the socks I didn't get to give to him on Christmas day..... no I had them done just forgot were I put them. I always mess up one way or the other. Socks and boy have been reunited and my job here is done.
The longest sweater of this year. My goodness it was a handful but now that it is done I kind of miss it.......Maybe another one for next year NOT. Glad Kathryn likes her new sweater. It really looks nice on her and I am so glad.
Any one who knows me knows I am cheep and only pay for something if I have to. I saw these kind of stitch markers and thought I can make them so I did. Going to test these stitch markers out see how they hold up. Wish me luck.

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