Monday, December 5, 2011

Coolest College Morning Yet!

A bit early for a post from me I know, but I just had the best 'breakfast experience' yet (sounds a little hinky when you put it that way though).

I was eating my normal, boring breakfast alone, like usual, when I notice a guy and his friend enter the dining room. I had seen the guy before, he lives on my floor and we are like, general acquaintances, name and major that's about it. So, they are finding a place to sit, and I notice them kinda walking towards me, and I am trying to mind my own business since I don't really know them. So Braxton, the guy I know(ish) kinda walks up and says something to the effect, of my friend here thought you were someone else, but do you mind if we sit and eat with you? And who am I to turn down eating with someone?

Before I finish this narrative I will say that normally when I find myself eating with random people (a whole whopping 3 times in 3 semesters, to date) it has been really awkward, eating in awkward silence, punctuated by random questions followed by short answers, eliciting no conversation (sorry, rather long sentence there). So I was happy to eat with warm bodies, but wasn't enraptured with the idea of awkward conversation and trying to eat and leave them sitting there without it being weird and making me feel bad.

But, the thing that made this morning the best morning yet, is that for over an hour, long after we had finished eating we were still talking and laughing. It was so naturally, not weird, making it kinda weird in itself, if you follow the logic. I had such a great time, it was sweet. You can tell how low the threshold of excitement is during finals week when a breakfast spent with people is an awesome morning.

Also I find that I get mistaken for other people alot. How sad is that, I can't get my own image, I have to steal other peoples? I don't mean to take the mickey out of the previous event, you know me, can't stay upbeat for long! At least Braxton and Willy didn't make it awkward and do the usual 'oh, I'm sorry, thought you were someone else' line accompanied by awkward walk away, sometimes with a giggle, a little ways away (not far enough away for you to not hear them).

So see Mum, I am making friends here. I have had my social interaction for the day, now I don't have to feel bad being a hermit in my dorm studying for my exams and getting ready to fly out.

And I have finished Justin's first sleeve again and am halfway through the second. And wonder of wonders, I get lunch today! No, I don't have an eating disorder, I am a perfectly normal (eating wise) person, with my meal plan I get two meals a day, and three on one day of the week. But this week, since I am flying out on Saturday, it means I get an extra meal a day. Cool right? This bit is really making me think of ImprovEverywhere's I Love Lunch musical check it out...

And to help last post end a little happier, we (coogs) were killed Saturday afternoon by Southern Miss. in the C-USA championship, but managed to score a bowl game. So January 2nd we get to play in the Cotton Bowl against Penn State. I don't know how that will go, hopefully Case Keenum can pull it together again for one last win of the season. New Year miracle anyone?

Alright, now to study and do random stuff. The life of a college student, gotta love it right?

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  1. Oh now the heavens did open up and smiled down on you. Now it is up to you to talk a bit more and get your head out of the dorm from time to time. Coogs will whipppppppp Penn state fingers crossed.