Friday, December 9, 2011

This is Your Brain After Finals

Well, before I furiously start packing and getting ready to go, I though I would post. It seems as though my mind has gone to mush, and I haven't even taken my last final yet.

This morning, I felt so stupid it wasn't even funny. I am one of those people that the minute it is time to check in online, I have already so that I get the best boarding position. So this morning I had it in my head that I had to check in at 8. So I try, and they send an error message. So I do it agian, and again, and again. Then wait 5 minutes and repeat the process. So about 15 minutes later I am kinda panicing, thinking there is something wrong with my itinerary and such. So I decide that I should see whats wrong, so I called the hotline. As I am explaining my problem to the really nice representative, I realize that 24 hours before my flight means that I can check in after 10. I felt so stupid. Thankfully the representative was understanding, could joke along with me and didn't make me feel like to much of a choice animal.

Twenty minutes and counting to the most involved final of the semester. I have to write about 8 pages worth of an essay, or two. Six prompts, and I have to choose two to write in a three hour period. I am not freaking out about the essays, I can free write an essay like that no problem. The issue is that the whole semester has been one of those blow off classes. I have been listening and taking notes the whole time of course, but it seems like the type of prompts are so different than what we talked about. The stories also I wasn't too fond of. Oh well, in about four hours this will all be in my rear view mirror and all that will be left to do is stress over the long waiting to see how well I fobbed off genuine knowledge of short stories. I also doesn't help that I don't get to eat until after the exam. And I am kinda hungry.

So in about four hours I will be able to return to some kind of normality.
"we can talk about normality till the cows come home.
Ford- What's normal?
Trisha- Where's home?
Zaphod- What are cows?

Sorry, this moment called for a little Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Right now I am in dire need of a lemon hat. (ya have to see the movie).

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  1. Trillion and share the lemon hat would you Justin is squeezing all that I have out of my itty bitty head.