Thursday, December 15, 2011

At Home Again, Naturally

My first week back has flown by it seems. We have been running from school to store and home again so many times it is quite amazing I have had any time to do anything for me.

I shall start off with knitting, for a change. I finished Justin's sweater arms for the second time earlier last week, so all I had to do in my dorm was preemie hats and Vlad. I got about half a dozen hats done and about 5 pattern repeats done. Vlad is now officially done, as of noon today and is rather large. I shall post a pic of it next time, if I remember. So the dentist office waiting was filled with a preemie hat.

On the subject of preemie hat knitting, we got a 'donation' of yarn this weekend. I wasn't on the ground two hours when Ian's boy scout merit badge brought us to the house of one of the boys where 3, yes 3 large garbage bags full of yarn were loaded into the back of our van. Usually when someone wants to offload yarn onto us it is old, unusable yarn, but these bags were filled with Baby and Yarn Bee yarns from Hobby Lobby. Lots of novelty yarns, but also nice baby yarns in really cute colorways. So we should have enough baby yarn for sweaters and hats and such for at least a year, maybe.

Grades for me have started to trickle in. I am now only waiting on one, surprise surprise, the laziest, slowest grader has yet to post my final grade. It is at the point where I am nervous to see if prof. Bean will break my straight A record with a B+. I did really well this semester, and wouldn't beat myself up over a B, especially with the 2 A's and 2 A- 's but still straight A's would just top this semester off.

I have all of my Christmas shopping done, coming in 5 bucks under. Granted I had a $20 budget and only one person to buy for. In my family the 7 of us draw names and we are their secret Santa. That keeps us from getting 6 terrible cheap gifts instead of nice thought out gift. Some people are over achievers and get multiple people gifts, but that is the theory anyway. I won't spill who I have just in case that certain someone is reading.

Recently I was thinking about the whole story behind Santa. First of all, how did St. Nick turn into a chubby jolly guy in a red suit coming down a chimney? And how did such widespread details become widespread? Like mice opening the door from inside if you don't have a chimney, or coal, not getting presents if you wake up, elves, Rudolph and such. I don't mean the night before Christmas and those kinds of stories, but the original origin. The funny things you think about on an uphill 2 mile walk from an aborted dentist trip. Long story.

So to return to the beginning topic, its time to pattern search again. I have an idea for my next project, I want to modify the front and do the Dahlia Cardigan from the 2011 Fall Interweave knits mag, but I need the yarn and I shall soon have another project 'dumped' in my lap. My uncle Jim has requested a brown pullover, and Mum is still swamped with Christmas knitting, and since I was an overachiever and finished all of my Christmas projects, I have been recruited to do this project once we can find the yarn. I really don't mind, it means I have some more time to find my next project, which can take awhile.

Things are so busy here, so I don't know when I will post next. I kinda liked posting every other day, I will admit, so I may post more often, although I am hesitant to make such a declarative statement. We'll see, it seems as though Taylor puts it best, "I can't say what is waiting for you, at every stop you blow my mind and change direction"- Wait Here For You (by Hanson). Such an adorable song.

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