Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and Such

My it has been an eventful few days. Christmas kicked off well with gift opening and mass. I have been setting my needles afire with how much I have gotten done over the last few days also which is always good. I have had a few toys to play with which is always nice too.

Before I get to my Christmas bounty, I shall first update on the Christmas sweaters. After countless rip outs, ends woven in, wrapping and praying for correct fit, photographic evidence will show a 6 out of 6 success rate. Justin's just barely fits, nice and snug, Racheal loves her 'butcho' (see a post or two back), Dad's vest's neck fits lovely, second time's a charm I guess, and Mum's last minute hail Mary finishing of Ian's sweater paid off since its done and dusted. A little hiccup on Kathryn's sweater, but she now loves it and all the pain and suffering of making it is now gone. As for me, I love mine. Such a cute color and pattern. Now pictures individually will follow soon, but as this post was kinda overdue and I the chaos of Christmas has yet to die down, I haven't photographed each individually.

So photos will come soon, and I now don't really have an excuse not to show regular progress on my projects and such since Santa brought me a camera. A nice cute red one, and if Blogger will cooperate I will post some pictures in this post (I tried once, but it didn't work well). So if you see pics at the end of this post, then it worked, if not, keep waiting, they will come. I promise.

And that brings me to Uncle Jim's sweater. The body was finished late late Sunday night, and the first sleeve was finished up this morning. Progressed was slowed today, but I still have a good leg under me on the second sleeve. It looks possible to finish it by New Years, but I won't be counting my chickens yet.

So Christmas, I got 2 sets of really nice needles, size 8's which are not working miracles on Uncle Jim's sweater. 2 Skeins of sock yarn, which I will photograph a bit later, a cute bag, and a few other things, but I fear I am losing ya. It seems like I am procrastinating on the pictures, but I will get better.

It seems like a lot, yet a little happened. And now that I am spouting nonsense, I think its time to wrap things up. Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year if I don't post sooner.

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