Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meet The New Year...

Welcome to the new year guys, last year was rather eventful, and hopefully this year will follow suit.

So after a night of board games, food and fun, the new year has been rung in, and things will soon return to normal. We played Rummykub, basically gin rummy with tiles and slight rule changes. Surprisingly I kicked butt, beating Ian in second place by over 40 points. We switched to Apples to Apples, and laughed our collective butts off.

I have had a knitting crisis. More of a pattern crisis, again. I can't seem to find a pattern that I want to do. I have the yarn, the needles, and the drive, but I can not find a pattern. It's terrible. And with the exception of a preemie hat, I have absolutely nothing on the needles.

For more uplifting news, I finished Uncle Jim's sweater with time to spare. The final cast off was on Wednesday, giving me the rest of the afternoon to finish up my Mardi Gras sock and start the other. The pair was finished on Thursday, and were saved multiple times from the mouth of the dog while getting photographed.

I have gotten into the habit of bringing a cross stitch project with me to school, so when we walked past the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby, I had to stop being a frugal individual. So when I saw this project sitting there, I thought, well, let's see how much it is. I had a heart attack when I saw the regular price sticker, but, when I saw the sale price, it kinda jumped in the cart. It went from 40, to 23, to a final price of 15 bucks. I now know where my favorite aisle in Hobby Lobby is.

It has been a busy week for a break. We have had gift card shopping, dog/house sitting, babysitting, cooking, frantic knitting, and child wrangling to over fill the days. It also hasn't helped that The Big Bang Theory is on every night at 10 after the news. And with Mum and Dad recently converted fans, we have had some late nights. But it makes for some good knitting time, and with the kids already in bed, it is quiet, er.

I am still working out the bugs on uploading pictures, so I promise things will get better. I am just happy I was able to upload them!

So with any luck, I will have another project to announce before the next post. If not, there won't be another post, I will be sectioned, and be sitting in my basket in a loony bin. Happy New Year everyone!

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