Friday, January 20, 2012

Episode 3: Wild and Wacky Week.

Show Notes: My notes will be in a different order than the podcast. Since this format makes a whole lot more sense than when I was recording. Lesson- never record an hour before bed! Since it kinda turned out a bit scatterbrained. Shout outs: 1to1 on ravelry, Carla- Thanks for the mention on! Welcome to the group, its nice to have you here. Kristin/craftyquilter- Thanks for the support, and the views. Great quilter, if you ever need anything done, Kristin's your quilter! Thanks! Works in progress- A very plucky cardigan by Kate Hiester Pavonis by Saermae on Rav. I didn't know if blip would like the Finnish spelling of her name, Sorry Saermae, but love love the design! Few bits of business: Join our Rav group! We have the thread for the knitalong up, and would love you to stop by and say hi and give us your opinions and feedback. See ya there! And that's it, thanks for watching!


  1. You can completely tell that we're sisters. If not only for the way that we completely lose track of what we were saying! Glad I'm not the only one. I find it funny that you don't like to record while your roomie is there. I completely feel the same though, I just forgot what it was like to have one! Can't remember anything else to comment about. I'm gonna have to start taking notes based on you guys posts to comment I guess!

  2. No can't tell you two are sisters........ nope. It is nice seeing you and laughing with you. Notes we have to take notes I'm sunk ;)