Sunday, January 8, 2012

For Lack of A Creative Title

The kids are back to school, and life as yet to slow down. The weekend has flown by, and it seems like forever since my last post, and in a way, it has been. The break is slowly coming to an end, with less than a week to go, which will probably be filled with last minute purchases, packing, project planning, and such.

This week I think I broke a personal record. The shawl that I was having such a hard time picking is done. Yes, less than a week needle time, Sunday to Friday. It was nice to finish it, but I also wanted  a project that I could rely on for good steady knitting. But the good thing is that I have another project on the needles already. I need a cushion for my desk chair, so I have double stranded some Baby Bee yarn and stuck about 190 stitches on size 9's and am going round, and round, and round, and round. It is working up nice, and I hope to finish it by the time I have to leave, so I don't have to worry about bringing the batting I am going to stuff it with.

So tomorrow is the big before semester Hobby Lobby shop. That means today will be dedicated to finding projects, yardage, weight and all that kind of stuff to get ready for college knitting for the next 4 months. That also means that today is the time where I have to accurately estimate how much I will knit so that I can avoid calamity and never run out of projects. It sounds simple now, but when the end of the semester rolls around and I am faced with bare needles, it turns into a big problem.

Also comes the time when I get to spend big bucks on what will become the bane of my existence for the next 4 months, textbooks. Colleges never make it easy, I swear. Amazon will only ship some books on my prime account for the best price, so I have to order books in about 3 waves. First the books coming on pony express, second the books coming prime, in about 2 days, then I have to make my way to the three bookstores on campus to get the best used price. So needless to say it will be an ordeal getting books.

Now for more uplifing or less cynical news. After I posted on Monday, the end of the TicketCity bowl resulted in Penn State losing to my Coogs. Nice to see we could end our season on a high note, after our terrible showing in the Conference USA championship game a few weeks ago.

Before this week I thought my family was pretty green. I mean we recycle all that we can and reuse things more than once, but our dog Sedgewick has shown us that we can do more. It seems as though my allergies over that past week have gotten rather bad, meaning that I have been using a lot of tissues. So wiki has taken it upon himself to keep those used tissues from filling up the city landfill. It has gotten to the point where he will come running from any point in the house to whoever is blowing their nose and beg for the tissue. And we thought his chewing on crocs and the furniture was bad. It seems as though the spirit of Ivan Pavlov is alive in our dog.

Seems like that is all from me, I am going to insert some pics, then call it a day. There is some football on television, and my needles are calling. Have a great week all, if I don't post sooner.

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