Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Episode 4-Back to the monotony-not!

Show notes: Hey everyone! I've finally settled into a routine, so this week was not crazy at all. Yeah right, only in a dream world! I haven't started any new projects so there aren't any links to provide. As always, you can find us on Ravelry where you can also find the link and helpful advice on the Pavonis, our knitalong shawl that I've finally got the hang of!!!!  Thank you to BusyHappyKnitter for hopping on board our Ravelry group and watching our podcast.
Works in Progress: Yellow crocheted shawl, Red/Maroon frilly scarf, Pavonis, Evelyn's sweater, Amanda's legwarmers, and my socks.
I also apologize for the late upload.  It would have been up sooner, but as I explain in the podcast, our internet has been soooooooooooooooooo slow.  So bear with me until I find a time to upload over the next couple of weeks when it will upload at a reasonable pace.
Happy knitting, thanks for watching!


  1. When you hold up your project to show us what you've been knitting your carmera goes out of focus just a heads up :)

    1. I think the problem with my camera is just its a bad webcam on my computer. Toshiba aren't known for their stellar webcams. I will try next week with my regular camera and see if it turns out better! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Looks kinda frightening to a mum. Kid I miss you. You sound happy and busy as always. Glad to hear the prayer shawls were well received. Random did any one say random who us never ;) Fingers crossed I will be able to podcast you da is still working with me and the tech support people. Wish they spoke English.

    Miss you