Monday, January 23, 2012

Ever have one of those days.... yep I'm having one.  You should be seeing a pod cast.  Yes my smiling face but instead these word are filling up the screen.  Yes my camera came, and I raced to install everything.  It worked oh I was home free.   Famous last words.  Set everything up to pod cast and no sound.  So I'm going to be talking to tech support people for most of the day.  Why oh why oh why can I never have a device that I plug in and go, oh wait I did and still no pod cast.  Well I thought I would show you what I've been working on so you do know I'm knitting and finishing and casting on.  If I can get the sound problem solved and do a podcast tomorrow I'll be happy to do such a thing.  Knowing me and my dismal ability to work well with technology don't hold your breath.

 Okay I'm having to much fun knitting socks.  The blue pair are really nice and war.  A bit big really don't know what I did but next pair will be better.  Lindsay this is the new wool that I got in the mail.  Yours came two.... now do you want me to send it to you at school?
 Okay I got caught.  I knit up things I need and for the most part don't worry about writing down the pattern.  Well a young knitter fell in love with a purple bag much like this one and asked for the pattern.  Hummmm should have taken better notes.  I had to knit up this bag to write down the pattern.  What we don't do the help fellow knitters.
 Oh I like this shawl much better since I blocked it.  Liked it so much I cast on another just like it but in a sock weight yarn.  Hope it turns out as nice.
 This is the prayer shawl I gave to a friend with breast cancer.  I just wanted her to know we are all thinking about her and supporting her.  Sharon you can beat this thing.
Snuggles boy have I been knitting snuggles and plan on sewing and crocheting some up.  Good thing we have until the end of Feb.  Hey if you haven't knit up a snuggle why not.  They really help and once you start they are hard to stop.

Okay keep your fingers crossed that I can get the sound to work on my camera and I will post soon.  If I can't well Kathryn will be pod casting Wed. and Lindsay Fri.  Ta Ta for now.


  1. You may still need to use the microphone that you planned on using since your computer doesn't have one built in. Maybe you tried it and it just didn't work because its REALLY old, I don't know. Or maybe all those pretend dance/singoffs that Lindsay and I had with it finally took its toll!!!

  2. Hummmmmm now I am putting the picture together. Childhood great for kids but heck on the mum. I will work it out kiddo one way or the other. Your Da has offered to help and well it will work. I won't have any hearing left but I hear it is over rated. Well nearly time to get the kids. Dixie is a nut case so I will have to wrap it up for the day pet nut ball kitty and keep moving. Gosh I miss you and your sister. Is it summer yet. Love ya kiddo