Monday, January 2, 2012

Catch Up With A Camera

Alright, last night I was able to sort out all of my camera problems. So to pass my good fortune on to you guys, I shall bring everyone up to speed on my past projects, and current ones too.

To start, we have Vlad...

Kathryn showing off the size of Vlad
Now for Uncle Jim's sweater...

Excuse the mess, I almost forgot to take a pic before shipping it off.

Close up of the cables

How about some Christmas sweaters?

Left to right: Dad's Vest, Ian's Sweater, my sweater (top row) Justin in red, Butcho, Kathryn's sweater.  

Not the greatest pic I know, but its the first time the majority of us have gotten together for a family picture, so you will have to excuse the mess.

Blue shawl time, yes it is still unnamed...

Blue socks that were finished earlier this semester thanks to a Hanson concert...

Bag that I got for Christmas for my knitting, of ETSY that is really really cute...

Finished cross stitch, around September...

Still needs an iron, and the storage over the summer kinda yellowed it.

And here is the project I have found. It took a while, but football yesterday helped me get a good amount done. This is the cerises de juin, or June Cherries.

It took a while to put all these together, watching the gamecast of the TicketCity bowl, posting and eating lunch never makes for a speedy blog post. So I think you are just about caught up, Out of Cheese and another pair of socks will be shown when I get back to my dorm. Time to finish 'watching' the game, and knitting. Hopefully the coogs can keep their 20 point lead and beat Penn State.

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