Sunday, January 15, 2012

Podcast!!!!- Episode 1

So we have decided to amp up our blog by adding a podcast!!!!  We recorded this podcast, after several attempts, but realized that we didn't quite know how to upload the video.  Sort of jumped the gun there.  Therefore, this video is a little out of date, I flew back on Thursday (not tomorrow like I say) and Lindsay flew back yesterday at school.  We would have recorded a more up to date one, but we felt you guys should see us together as a group before we start doing our individual ones, but with both Lindsay and I at school already, that proves difficult.  So for the next four months you will have our individual podcasts to look forward to! (or not, we're not sure.) Also, sorry for the randomness of this episode-its our very first podcasting experience. It will get better as time goes on.  Oh......and we need to work on our volume, so either use headphones.....or hope that you have really good speakers! Sorry about that, we'll get better!

Show notes:

Ravelry Group is up, check it out!

Some random endorsements
Desert Rustic Kitchen for burritos and Papas locas.
Mayaluna yarns- Barbara is wonderful and has beautiful yarns!
Hanson- Shout it Out Album, and anything else done by them, great great band.

Projects on the needles:
Knitalittle-Pavonis  this will be our knitalong, Kathryn and I am also working on this
Sock, footies, you decide

Kathyrn- Pavonis
Crocheted shawl
A sock

Lindy- Sock, first sock

Finished Objects-
Kathryn- Traveling woman's shawl

Knitalittle- Snuggles see yarnivore 
Pair of socks on sock blockers
Shawl- improvised pattern, fern lace derivative, un blocked

Lindy- 2 preemie hats, other past projects in past posts.

Future Projets-
Kathyrn- Scarves

Knitalittle- none mentioned

Lindy- another sock, a shawl, check my queue for more info

Lots of random conversation and other stuff. Contact us, we like it.

Sorry the show notes appeared before the video. I/we will work on that. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I love how in the beginning Mum your skein of yarn is just kinda hanging there. You never know how dorky that looks until you see someone else doing it, or it happening to someone else.