Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time flies

Well, I'm back again, after a rather busy 2 weeks-ish. Papers, exams and homework, oh my! And amidst all that I did manage to have some social life, at least for one night.

To the boring stuff first though. After a french exam, french paper, art history exam, art history paper, an upcoming sociology exam and really confusing psych stats assignments I am flat amazed I am still functioning. I think the only thing keeping me going is a diet coke in the morning and knitting before class. The only silver lining is that it happened in the period of 2 and a half weeks, and not a weekend, or worse one week.

It also doesn't help that these six weeks into the school year, the lovely dorms I live in have had 4 water main breaks that have shut off our water for three hours or more. The never want to tell us that the water is off, we always have to find out afterwards when the toilet won't flush. Lovely I know. It also is just my luck that when the water goes out, the nearest bathroom is a good 5 minute walk away. Which is fine and dandy when you are going to go eat, but when you need to pee, your tired, cold and just want to get ready for bed, the search for a bathroom and the stupidity of the night shift on the front desk never goes over well. And then to add insult to injury, the water comes back on after I have already gotten comfy, and its already 45 minutes past the time I wanted to be in bed. Its times like these that I really miss my old dorm, in the now year old facility.

Onto much better news. Hanson came to town on the 23rd of September, and surprise surprise, I actually bought myself a ticket, caught a cab and went to the concert. And even more surprisingly, I stayed up until after midnight on a Friday. Amazing I know. But it was all worth it, totally worth it. Even the wait at the bus stop that was changed without any notice. And the 3-4 hours on my feet in a venue with no chairs. And the fact that I wasn't able to get a t-shirt either. Nevertheless it was awesome, they played most/all of This Time Around with some forays into The Walk, Underneath, Middle of Nowhere, and of course Shout It Out. They didn't play Man From Milwaukee, but I saw a few live versions on youtube, and realized that the studio version is much better, the walkee-talkee part near the end isn't as good on stage. If the very few readers out there haven't heard Hanson since Middle of Nowhere/ MMMBop, then I would strongly urge you to check out anything since then, awesome awesome group. can you tell I am a tad bit of a fanson??

And some more, more recent good news. I finished my cross stitch. Yup, all done, no back stitching, no final stitches, all done. Too bad a summer in storage started to yellow a bit of it, it didn't turn out too half bad. Oh well. It seemed to go much faster than I had anticipated, I was foreseeing the hoop coming off a week or two, or even a day or too before packing up and heading home. It seems as though Out Of Cheese will have to become my television, and overall computer project. More to come on the other projects, some of them have stalled, and others are making good progress, but not in the grand scheme of things a chart or two here and there, but it doesn't seem like much.

It was over a year ago that my dad, Kathryn and I traveled cross country, and it still seems as though I cannot listen to Jenny/ 867-5309 by Tommy Tutone without laughing. For 2 whole weeks, no matter what state we were driving through, no matter what time of the day or kind of station we listened to, that song was always on. It was ridiculous, at that time Viva La Vida by Coldplay was very popular, but we never really heard it, which kinda baffled both me and Kathryn. Tuning Pandora tonight just kinda brought that all back to be, the first measure and then a rush of memories.

Alright, that's it for me for tonight, its almost my bed time, the prude that I am, I need my sleep so that when the alarm goes off at a quarter to 6 I am not too repugnant looking. So I shall fail to proof this, hit the post button, and then immediately see a mistake and have it bug me. Until next time...

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