Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heath Nuts and An Oxymoronic Week

Another week down, and what a week. Have you ever had one of those weeks that fly by, yet crawl? That was this week. It seemed as though the days went quick enough, but Friday never came. It probably didn't help that the normal routine got kinda thrown off by some oddities in scheduling. For starters the 'Bayou Bowl' or Rice/UH game was this week, on a Thursday which is odd, and made Thursday night very loud, giving the it the feeling of a Saturday. An art history test on Wednesday felt rather odd also, the last one was on a Monday, so ya get the picture. Good news being that October is no one day away from being a calender page in the bin.

It seems as though fall has come. Although the last time I thought that, the weather warmed back up to the 70's and we were assaulted by mosquitoes. It does feel nice though, not sweating on the way to meals, although the trek to the cafeteria at 7 in the morning is a bit on the cold side.

Wow, what a week for knitting though. The blue still unnamed is now off the needles and has already had its maiden voyage in the cold chapel for mass this morning. Out of Cheese is almost done also. The rows drag, but the project is speeding towards the end. As of right now I am on row 164/168. That now brings me to the point in the semester where I start questioning whether I have enough project to get me through the remainder of the semester. I think I will be ok, but that is what I said the past 2 semesters, and fall last year there was a package in the mail with emergency yarn in it about this time last year, and spring semester I was searching ravelry for a project quick because the other projects I had got ripped out. I may be coasting home on fumes (or rather stray fibers being a knitter!). Or I may be just fine, we shall see.

I had a strange thought recently. I was walking back from breakfast, and the crisp fall air has a way of blowing out the cobwebs and sparking some strange thoughts. I have been reading The Once and Future King right, and I had just finished the part where Arthur pulls the sword form the stone and Merlin explains to Arthur that he remembers swaddling him up as a baby and putting him on Sir Ector's doorstep. So I guess my question is, if Merlin lives backwards (death to birth instead of birth to death) then how can he remember something that he specifically hasn't done yet?

I got called a heath nut. Me, a health nut. I mean don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a heath nut, I have nothing against people who are health conscious. But me? I have kinda gotten into the habit of every Monday and Wednesday stopping by the c-store in Oberholtzer hall and getting a snack to tide me over through French class. Since it is later than any of my other classes, I probably shouldn't pass out, get woozy or zone out in the middle of it. So I stop by, get a protein bar of some kind and a diet coke after Intro to Fiction and have a snack before French at 2:30. The cashier, who is also always there at that time when I was checking out said something to the effect of 'I am surprised that a health nut like you would be drinking this stuff.' I know she meant nothing by it, but I couldn't help thinking that someone thought I was a health nut, me, the one who takes all redeeming value out of a salad with creamy poppy seed, ranch, and blue-cheese dressing. I know, I am taking this way to seriously.

Oh, and before I click post, I know you are all wondering the result of the biggest UH rivalry, right? Well, it was a very close game, really close, 73-34 Coogs. So we kill the Owls and stay undefeated. Everyone wins right? Before you call me a huge sports/football fan and a coog true and true you should know that I found out the score when I got up the next morning, after never attending the game.

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  1. Okay just to show you I take your emails to heart here is my comment...... health nut I don't think so Charlie brown. The more I think about the comment I think you should take it as a compliment. Most people if just pure junk you balance yourself out. Always remember and never forget I Wuv Yoooooo.