Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mum has had a bit of knitting time

A hat you say well not any old plain hat run of the mill hat get it from the store hat oh no this is a hat Racheal finally finished. Yippie :) :) So that we could send it off to a friend who is due any minute now. Not like we were cutting it right down to the finishing line. Okay I had the baby sweater done in like a day and it waited and waited and waited. I think the next hat Racheal crochets will be done in half the time. Why am I so sure if it.....well this was her second hat the first got a knot the size of Michigan and wouldn't come out so she had to start again with a whole lot of tears. But it is done the new mum just loves it and I am now the nice mum again :)
They look nice together well I think.
Had to replace my MP3 case. The banana one was beyond looking nice. Had a snag and some dirt just wouldn't come out.... yuck. Meet red love love love the purl and will never give up my big button stash it really came in handy see. Oh it is soooooooo soft and yummmy I could wear it all day....wait I do wear it nearly all day.

Clearance bin sock yarn. I will have to admit I just picked up this yarn because it was 3 bucks and my budget is really tight. I thought hum colors are nice I can live with them. Then I knit them up and wow do I like them or what. I have a couple balls more of cheep sock yarn and I sure hope they come out as nice as these.
Okay you can't see just how nice this green is and you can't feel how yummmm it is and it's way to nice to be put on a boys feet but well they are going on Ian's feet once I knit them up into a nice nice pair of socks. Now the reason they are, half because I was asked really nicely by my wonderful husband (hey he asked really really nicely even poured me a glass of wine as he asked and I don't think it was the wine who said I would be happy to knit up a pair of socks for the nose picker boy who yells at me) the other half is when the boys goes out walking in the woods for a boy scout merit badge he wears a whole in his socks and I can't keep getting him new socks. The money fountain has just dried up. So I will have a pair of socks on my needles by the end of the week. Really need knitting to stash in my purse so I don't have to wait and deal with rude people.
Oh Lindsay I ripped out the neck....... don't hate me I didn't like it. I saved the sweater and love how I reknit it way higher. I love love love the real wool but it isn't holding up the way I want so I think I will be knitting up a cheepo sweater that will wear like iron as my winter work horse sweater. Any idea's ladies, for patterns feel free I'm plum out of ideas. I really could wear this sweater all day everyday if it would hold up better. About to cry yes I feel a tear.....stop laughing ladies not funny making fun of you dear old mum and don't think I can't hear it. ;)
We have our pumpkin for the season. Just went out and got it 3 bucks so I broke down and bought it. I think it will be a lovely jack o lantern this year. Justin has big plans for this pumpkin and the way he is saying it well I'm a little frightened. Still have no idea what they are going to be for Halloween not even a inkling.

Oh I thought I would send you some of our weather. It is getting colder here and I'm really loving it. Just wanted to share it with y'all. Can you say sweater weather.

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