Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Trip!!!!

I can safely say with finality that Hanson is one of the best bands out there.  As it was Columbus Day weekend and both me and my friend Katie are HUGE Hanson fans, we traveled out to her house in Southwick, Massachusetts for the weekend because there were two concerts in her vicinity.  However way before I can talk about the concerts Friday and Saturday night I must update you on the events that led up to this concert. (Mostly what caused us to be so sleep deprived that day!)
On Thursday night Residence Council subsidized tickets to go see Lion King at Shea's Theatre in downtown Buffalo.  Even though I had seen it once before at Shea's, $20 for a ticket couldn't be beat.  And it was amazing!!!!!  We got back to the dorms around 10pm that night so it was perfect.  I would do my stats homework that was due Friday night at midnight (since I would be at a concert, I didn't want to risk it!!!!)  Instead, Ed Reilly, our building director and our boss as RA's was hungry, so a group of us did our usual late night run to Denny's.  That pushed my arrival time at the dorms back to 1am, with stats homework left to be done.  That was finished at 3am, and I had yet to pack.  Quickly shoving clothes and other essentials and completing other tasks that needed to be done before I left (aka, tidying up my room!) I exhaustively climbed in bed at 4am, expecting a good solid 4 hours of sleep before I had to get up to be on the road by 9.  Low and behold that did not happen.  Much to everyone in Marguerite Hall's dismay, the fire alarm went off at precisely 6:06am (total sleep for me: 2 hrs!) and rallied us all outside in the parking lot, putting us all in a very grumpy mood.  However the night/morning could still be salvaged!  Normal fire alarms entail: we all evacuate, the fire department comes, clears the building and then we all file back in, usually only taking up about a half hour, putting us at 6:30, plenty of time to go back to sleep and get up in an hour and a half!  It did not.  We passed 6:30, and after doing head counts of our floors both outside and then when we got in the gym, everyone was growing very grumpy!! 7:00 rolled around and Katie and I were getting worried that we might miss our planned departure time.  Finally at 7:35 we were allowed back inside the building for a total time out of the building of 1 1/2 hours, with still to find out what happened.  Once inside, the residents who were able to take the elevator came across the very potent odor of burning metal in the elevator and above the 7th floor.  Thus the problem.  A mechanical error in the elevator resulting in the upper building filling with smoke and me coughing half a lung out when I finally got back to my room. 
Drawing by Katie forshadowing our weekend!
While most residents were able to go back to sleep Katie and I had no such luck.  We showered, packed up and headed out at 9 as planned.  6 1/2 hours later (see picture drawn very well by Katie on the way to cedar point) we arrived at her house to be greeted by a large, adorable basset hound named Forest who was very happy to see Katie home.  But still, no rest for the weary.  We had dinner of home made pasta fa joule (delicious!) got ready and then drove an hour to North Hampton to the Calvin theatre for the concert!!!!! It was amazing, once we got past the droll opener.  However I must say my favorite moment out of concert #1 was at the end when Taylor brought a little girl up on stage to dance with them. And i've already found a video someone uploaded :)
However after the concert is why I now know that Hanson is the best band around.  If you wait outside their bus after the show, they will come out and sign autographs and take photos!!!!  This is where I get angry at Hanson fans.  I met Isaac Hanson, and talked to him which was AWESOME!!!!  But by the time he got to me and Katie he wasn't taking photos anymore because the fans before us were being a little too over the top :(  But I did meet him, and there was always Saturday right??? (note there is no huge picture of me and Isaac and that will give you a clue to what comes next).
Saturday's concert carried us 2 hours from Katie's house, to a club near Yale.  We had no idea about that part, but it was neat.  This concert was even better, if that's possible.  Kind of weird, but 2nd favorite moment was when they forgot the lyrics to "Kiss me when you come home."  Zac saves them, but its hilarious!!!  And again, I have video:  But the first favorite moment from this concert was when they played me and Katie's favorite song "Man From Milwaukee"  as the last song.  Amazing!  But I had yet to meet them!  We stood by their bus yet again only to be disappointed.  Seems that Taylor was coming down with a cold so they all wanted to play it easy so they could stay healthy.  Though I'm upset I didn't get my photo with Isaac, I admire them for not cancelling the concert when Taylor was feeling a little under the weather and they are still one of the best bands around. 

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