Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Procrastination, thy name is Facebook

Sorry i've been away for so caught up with me. I meant to blog last weekend, but as seems to be a weekendly occurance, the internet was down for the entire weekend. Alas, I committed to writing the following week. Unfortunately, as there is no post before now, it was to no avail. I do not really have an excuse for this, only that I seemed to have become desperately lazy for that one week. I had no major papers to write, no tests that week so I decided to take a week to relax since I was recovering from a nasty cold that lingered for almost a week. I don't normally have anything on Wednesdays, save Student Association meetings every other week and 1-on-1 meetings with Ed Reilly where we talk about any problems that have arisen on our floors, and other random things. It was our off week for SA, all I had was my 1-on-1 at 2:30 that ended up being mostly about how Ed's new cat was coming along. Ah! Now there's some news.
Ed Reilly became the new director of Residence Life last year, and for almost a year he has been scouring shelters for the perfect cat for his apartment. Success came two Saturdays ago when he, another RA, Amanda and I went down to the animal shelter in the hopes we would find a new cat for him. Unfortunately, he was not successful, and I left truly wishing that I was allowed to have a cat in the dorms. There was this gorgeous, white with tan, dark brown and black patches. Sort of looked like my first cat, but with much more white. Maybe that was why I was drawn to her. Or maybe it was that she was very shy, an obviously abused cat, and I have a soft spot for those ever since we had our cat Roland. She was in a little cubby in a room that had all kittens, though she was almost and adult cat. The only part of her you could see was her tail hanging out the side. Her eyes could melt even the coldest of hearts. She flinched when I gently stroked her tail, and coaxed her out. She finally did come out but ran to the corner and cowered. It took several minutes to get her to come out, but when she did she was quite friendly, if a little shy. She was only comfortable with me, and thoroughly enjoyed the attention if I do say so myself. I fell in love. I wanted to take her home so bad. It was not to be though, and Ed did not find one that he liked, so for a last resort we went over to the SPCA at the mall. Success!!! There were several kittens that had been just dropped off because they had been with a foster mother since the were found by the side of the road. So Ed found little Leota, the newest addition to the residence hall. It is quite nice to walk back from the PVR and see little Leota in the window, curiously looking at all those walking by. And from what I've heard, she is a right and proper kitten, always energetic and teething. But most of all playful!
Wow, tangent. But that needed to be updated. Thursday it turned out that all my classes were canceled and so I took another mental health day. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I should have been doing something. Friday rolled around and sure enough, I had a Bio Lab practical coming up on Monday! That's what I forgot. Okay, so I have the weekend to memorize bones, muscles, the anatomy of the heart, how to tell male skeletons from female skeletons and how different cells look under the microscope. I'm sunk. And thats not just my pessimism, our professor told us that we were screwed. Encouraging, right???? Okay, I'll lock myself in the library for the weekend and have no life. I can live with that. Oh, shoot I have a Statistics test on Tuesday that I also have to study for. Okay, maybe an all nighter. Catherine's coming to visit this weekend???? Snap! Catherine is one of my best friends who graduated last year and is now in graduate school at George Mason University in Washington DC. So of course I will have to go out with her while she's here. Ok, socialize with Catherine, and then squeeze in as much studying as possible and deal with the consequences later. However I vowed to spend more time in the library to be more productive in the future.
Monday came around, stressed about the practical, took it. Wasn't too bad. Today started off on a high when I got back a paper with a big fat A on the top of it! Granted, its political science, not all that hard, but hey! I'll take what I can get. Then today took a nose dive. I was so prepared for my stats test. I put a solid 6 hours of preparing last night for it. I knew the material backwards and forwards after reworking the homework questions. I sat down in front of the computer for my test, open excel and plug in the numbers in formulas just like in the homework. Well, I must have done something wrong, because I kept getting answers from Excel that I KNEW weren't right. I was the third to last person to hand in their test after I sat there for so long trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. To no avail. 1 hour and 15 minutes later I handed him my test frustrated, gave him a death glare and walked out. All the questions are answered, and thats the best I can say. That is one test I'm not looking forward to getting back! But no matter, off to the library to fulfill my promise myself: to be more productive. This is where the blog title plays a role. I sat down at the computer in the library prepared to do my political science homework when I decide to check facebook. Then, the little chat pops up and Katie wants to know if I want to talk. We had started to talk this morning before class because she was on duty the night before and a stupid, immature incident happened that she was upset about. Hmmmmm, homework.............or girl talk with Katie and Amanda????? Which do you think I chose ;)
And with that you are up to speed on my life that seemed slow, but turned out to be really really busy still.

PS: that lab practical????? He emailed the grades Monday night. 98%!!!!!!!!!!! Boo ya Mr. "you're all screwed for the lab practical on Monday." I showed you! :)

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