Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knitting yes I had time to knit but it was on the run ;)

Fed up yep me fed up with patterns that should be given away for free and some clever person decides to charge, how much well I have seen prices range from a couple bucks all the way up to 20.00. Not one to keep my mouth shut even when I know I should I just happened to say "I like the pattern but no way would I pay for it." Should have shut my mouth and kept knitting. Well that lead me to think I do knit a lot of items from a photo and I don't pay for patterns I can knit. Just how much do I knit that is posted for free? Should I keep track of what I knit? Yes I know that is what we have Ravelry for but I don't up date my finished items near as much as I should.

So what is that blob up top, well a shawl I have come up with out of my own brain that and a lace book for the lace work. I fell in love with the arrow pattern and thought it would look great on the bottom of a shawl. Funny things happen when my brain starts to work I cast on before I really know it. So if this pattern works out well I'll post it and it will be FREE.
I had forgotten this red sock yarn in my stash and when I was just looking to see what I had in my stash.....well it just happened to pop into my hand and I had to knit it up. Oh it is a dream. Now I didn't use the size 3 needles it asked for. Way to big and loose. I knit this up on size 2 and now the sock fits like a dream. Now that I'm nearly done with the first sock I feel the itch to start the second sock. This project is going in my purse so just in case I need emergency knitting I'm covered.
Okay mum go get your coat on lets go and get the girls. I know you miss them and Christmas is tooooooooo long to wait. Coming yet? Okay I miss them but if they ask I'll blame it all on you.

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