Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Wow, it is the end of the week, and I actually remembered to post. I actually remembered a week after my last post, I actually remembered! You can tell what kind of week it's been when the remembering to post on my blog is an achievement. Reminds me of a webcomic I read, Sheldon. Lets see if I can link it... Hopefully that works. I love the strip, and this one especially.

Well today itself has been a rather busy day, it is homecoming, laundry day, wet sheep day, and on top of all that Zac Hanson's birthday. We won this afternoon against Marshall, 63-28 making us coogs undefeated. Pretty sweet. It was also laundry day, which included the wonderful task of washing my collection of wool socks. The sink in the bathroom doesn't have a plug so I had my socks soaking in a pyrex measuring cup, then ending up with a sock on each of the ends of my hangers and a binder clip to keep them from sliding off the end hanging up in my closet. Vicky (roomie dearest) is gone for the weekend so I get to fill my dorm with the lovely scent of wet sheep until they dry. Good thing we have community property febreeze! Gotta love real wool, nice and warm but a real pain to wash! And happy 26th birthday to Zac Hanson, youngest brother from the band (there are 4 younger Hanson siblings not in the group), drummer, and occasional lead singer, on songs like Go, Broken Angel, Marshmallow Lovers, and Devil's Nachos. I kid you not, Devil's Nachos.

Alright, well school has been going well, and flying by. I realize now it's time to schedule an appointment with my adviser, and in two weeks register for classes for next semester. In four weeks it will be Thanksgiving, and then a week from that Thursday I will be taking my first final exam. It's rather weird (fighting the urge not to write the rest of the lyrics!) thinking of finals. Next weekend I have a trip to the Menil collection for my art history project, a nice 6 page paper due before Thanksgiving, that I will probably be writing the three days before it is due, and dreading every single word. That is usually how it works.

Surprisingly without any major assignments due this week, I haven't gotten much knitting done. On the still unnamed shawl I have gotten through another 6, maybe 8 rows, and on Out of Cheese I have finished the first of three final repeats. I haven't even thought about the vest I have to redo, that shall probably be next week.

A quiz and an exam in the middle of the week shall promise to make this week interesting, but might help it go by fast, so before I know it, I may be once again before my keyboard typing out another installment of my life.

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