Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back on track

Hi Everyone! My hectic life has taken a break (actually my life is still hectic and this is called procrastinating studying for my Political Science test haha) and a little birdy ( a post from mum on faceboook) reminded me that we have this little blog going on that we were all going to post now and then on. So here we are.

Soooooo so so much has happened since the beginning of the semester. I will try to recount it all, but forgive me if I fail. The biggest trip that sticks out in my mind is our school's sponsored trip to Cedar Point. Residence Council rented a nice coach bus that we all piled onto bright and early at 8am (stop laughing Lindsay, real college students find it hard to get out of bed at 8am) on September 10th. We made the four hour journey to Ohio where about 30 stiff and sore college students piled off the bus and ate lunch. Then the fun began. 10 hours of riding rides to your heart's content. It was an overcast day, but it was to our advantage because the longest we ever had to wait was about a half hour because a ride broke down. Every other ride was wait 15 minutes,pick your ride buddies, then hop on and enjoy! It was an awesome day. Surprisingly every rollercoaster that our group went on, I went right along with them, though by the end of the day my stomach was a little twisted up! At 10pm we piled onto the bus, all tired and sore from our day of fun. However little did we know that the fun had only begun! After falling asleep to Psycho (bad idea!), we hit some lovely road construction. So began our final rollercoaster ride. Needless to say, it is an interesting sensation to be asleep, hit a huge pothole on a bus and wake up as you are in midair! By the end of the bus ride we were tired, sore and frustrated. The groans were audible every time we left our seats and our sleep was disrupted. 2:30am arrived and so did our bus in front of the dorms. I don't think many of us were fully awake as we gathered our belongings, trudged up the stairs and into the building, into the elevators, then to our rooms to collapse on our beds. I think I can probably say that most of us were asleep before our heads hit the pillows. But we dreamt of thrilling rollercoasters and a day of fun, friends and excitement.

Then there is the late night taco bell and dennys runs at 11pm with the RA staff. I must say that they are needed. While my waistline does not particularly care for the extra meal, my limited social life likes to go out with the staff and get away from all the incidents filling the RA life. However in college its ultimately about finding free meals. Last Thursday I was invited to the scholarship dinner because apparently I can carry on intelligent conversation ;) and they needed such students so it wouldn't be populated by just adults. Free food??? Yes, I will most definitely attend!!! Additionally it was a chance to dress up from the everyday jeans and t-shirt of a college student. And today was the President's Round Table. It is a chance for heads of clubs and committee chairs to meet up and say what they are doing for the year. As co-chair for the yearbook, I was of course obligated to partake in this free lunch. And what would a DYC event be without a raffle???? I won under armour shorts. Overall a good day I would say.

With that, I will close. There have been many more exciting events, but it will require a much longer post. I will leave you with crafting news. And is there big news!!!! I will save that for the end though. First off I was asked to do a scarf for a former professor going to a football game. He bought the yarn, and I was happy to make it. There was even enough yarn for two!!!

I am also in the process of making a black and white variegated sweater for our cashier at the cafeteria, Evelyn. She is awesome. By the second week of school she will know most everyone's name, and always say hi. She knows what is going on in everyone's life, and is like our surrogate mum. In the newspaper last semester in an article what to do before leaving DYC number 55 was "Meet Evelyn in the PVR." Don't get me wrong, all the staff are really friendly and caring, but Evelyn is loved by all. It brightens up your day to swipe in and she's there saying "Hi honey, how're you doin' today? My, I just love that/those (insert article of clothing/accessory) you're wearing today." We all love Evelyn. So when she saw this sweater that I made for another friend for her birthday and wanted one, how could I say no? She bought the yarn she wanted, so I am now in the process of making it.

Now onto the big crafter news. Drum Roll please......................I have a sewing machine!!!!!!! My good friend Erin got a newer, fancy dancy one last year, so guess who got her old one????? This girl! I am so excited!

With that, I will sign off. Good study habits are calling so I think I will study before watching Whose Line is it Anyways, which is quickly becoming a nightly routine (Now that I know when it is on). Then its bedtime for this girl in the hopes that I will not be woken up by a jack hammer like this morning. Alas, another story for another time!

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    You made a mum very happy. Great work kiddo and nice sewing machine. I think you have hours and hours of crafting fun ahead of you.