Thursday, November 3, 2011

Routine Shake Up

Well, as you guys can see, it isn’t the weekend, but I am posting? I know, it is a Thursday, although I keep wanting to think it is a Friday. Always a terrible feeling, especially waking up on the Friday morning thinking it should be a Saturday. Well enough philosophy for one post.

Back to the original thought, it is a Thursday, and I am posting, why you may ask? Well my roommate wanted the room for an hour, and I didn’t have any homework per say that I could bring to the library, so here I am with no internet, a laptop and a sock on the needles (see Mum, I am knitting on it) needing something to do. For a library that is supposed to encourage students to study and research and use its resources, its wireless internet is terrible.

On the knitting topic, I can now proudly say that I finished both of Mum and I’s knit a longs before she did. Both Out of Cheese and the blue shawl are off the needles, and I am finding myself needing a pattern for my 3 skeins of plum Baby Bee. I had an idea for a shawl pattern, but after reading the pattern I had second thoughts. So it will be off to Ravelry for me. I am open to suggestions for a top or shawl...

Hmm, what else, other than a French exam yesterday and a sociology test today, which in under a half an hour I will see how bad I did. The material was on stratification and poverty, nice and boring stuff that doesn't lend itself well to remembering. Especially when it is joined by vocab and partitive articles and the ever present masculine vs. feminine problem. So thankfully my psych stats test is next week, otherwise I would be a puddle of grey matter.

Both my roomie and me have come to our breaking points. As of now there is a towel duct taped, binder clipped and safety pinned to our air conditioning vent. It is currently in the 50's and 60's outside, and today especially very windy so the last thing we need is an igloo for a dorm room. Now that Out of Cheese is done, I have another blanket for my bed, and I have to say, it couldn't have been bound off at a better time.

I don't know if I shall post like normal over the weekend, events may not be worth reporting. Or I may have lots of odd occurrences to fill a post. So stay tuned for more!

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  1. Okay as a mum I'm horrified that you are so cold. I'm proud that you just found a way of getting around it and upset that with how much we pay well you shouldn't be freezing. Hey smuggle Sedge your way he is a heating machine and he does miss you.

    Finished before me grrrrrrrrrr. I wuv yoooooooo ;)