Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Wonders of a Shower, or Access to it

These few days have been so eventful I thought I might bring you up to speed before the Thanksgiving slow down.

It all started Sunday night. I make it a habit of going to bed at nine every night during the semester, since I get up rather early and all that. So like a normal night, I went to bed and it was reasonably quite, my suitemates weren't loud, or there at all, and I thought I was going to get a good nights sleep. Well, that wasn't quite the case. They got back around quarter to ten, before I could soundly fall asleep, proceed to make tons of noise, and blast their music. And the bad thing is, they have horrible taste in music. So I don't fall asleep until after 11, which is then followed by waking up in the middle of the night a handful of times. So when the alarm goes off around 5:45, it already seems like it won't be the best of days, especially with the fact it was a Monday. So I was looking forward to a nice hot shower, even lukewarm would have been nice, but God has a nasty sense of humor. So insted of letting me muddle through a shower, I was greeted by a locked bathroom door. My suitemates had locked me out. And so I knocked on our adjoining door, to get it unlocked. After the second knock, I hear them whisper and beds creak, then silence. So I get dressed, go to breakfast, probably scaring everyone I see with my greasy bed head and get back to the dorm. Thankfully the second times the charm and I get my nice shower 3 hours after I wanted it. The day goes rather well, considering the morning.

So that evening I just wanted to brush my teeth and go to bed, forget the day ever happened and count the hours till I can sleep in. No dice. 9:00, suitemates are quiet as churchmice and, we are locked out once more. So I bang on the adjoining door, rather steamed now, but they aren't there. So I throw on my jam jams and ask roomie to keep and ear out for them so we can have bathroom privileges again. Well as per usual, she leaves to go to her boyfriends, and unbeknownst to me, they never showed up. So 24 hours later, it's deja vu, and I am knocking on the door to use the bathroom I paid for again. But luckily for them, their sleep wasn't disturbed since they weren't there. So like yesterday, I was shower-less, heading to breakfast, then heading to my 8:30 class. So after class, really mad, I checked and they still weren't there, so with my patience gone, I head down to the desk, and get someone to go next door and open the door for me. And now, all I can think is, 'why didn't I do this sooner?'. It was painless, a bit humiliating though, but painless, and at the end of it all, I got a shower!

So along with posting this, knitting alot, getting a cold sore, my therapy for this whole ordeal was some signage. After a whole semester I would have thought they would know which way the lock on our door turns, but apparently not. So a black marker, colored pencils, paper and a pencil, now clears up the complicated process of locking and unlocking my door. It is now rednecked to the door right above the door handle with duct tape.

Alright enough of that, hopefully I can now draw a line under it and move on. We'll see what happens. To end on a high note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. you need to get into the apartments next year. Reason 1 you will have your own bathroom..... reason 2 you can cook and will eat like a king. Reason 3 you need to get away from your sweet mates before you do bodily harm.

    Advice from mum