Saturday, November 19, 2011

A simple thing like breathing

Guilty of what you ask of taking my sons health for granted. It started yesturday when I just wanted the school nurse to check Justin's breathing. A feeling of better to be sure than sorry loomed over me. Sure enough wheezing in both lungs. Buckle up folks it is going to be a bumpy ride I thought. I started right away with his breathing treatments and for a while I thought I had caught it in time. By the time he was going to bed I suspected he would be up that night. He had three attacks in the night and with each treatment he wasn't getting any better.

By morning I was just watching the clock tick would you get to 8:00 so I can take Justin in to see the doctor. Tick please you are taking tooooooooo long. Then like an alarm 8:00 I was off with Justin in tow.

No I won't wait he is having an asthma attach.

Smart girl behind the reception desk didn't try to jerk me around just went and got a nurse.

Okay I like the nurses at our Doctors office. They are quick and know their stuff. Breathing treatment with in 5 minutes and they try and measure his pulse oxygen level....toooooo low.

Two hours later, two treatments later, oxygen treatment and 10 games of tic tack checkers ( don't ask how may games I won because I won't tell) later and he is out of danger. He now lays on the sofa sleeping his breathing is labored but he sleeps and I can breath again.

Pictured above is Justin helping unload popcorn not even a week ago. Funny he is always the first to help. He is a joy to be around.

Never never take the simple act of breathing for granted.

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  1. Hugs to Justin for me please. And for whats is worth, things haven't been easy breathing here either. Thank goodness for inhalers right?