Thursday, September 15, 2011

Procrastination, gotta love it, right??

Well, no cute staged photos of my pets, cause I have none, so I shall begin this next post with some lame, but true excuses for the lag in my posting. I had hoped to post about every week but I seemed to forsake that to do both homework and catchup on some programs. A few tests and papers and my life becomes badly warped. Then when I have finished procrastinating on those assignments, I have another few deadlines to meet because I put of some of the general assignments.

Surprising, amid all that chaos I did manage to get some sleep, food and knitting done (those obviously not listed in order of priority). I finished another clue on my dark turquoise-ish colored shawl, and have picked up Out of Cheese again and finished the 1st chart, and progressed to the middle of the 3rd. That one has been promoted to the status of computer knitting and not drawer material. Unfortunately my needles had to be Windexed after a funny residue collected on my nickel-plated Knitpicks options needles. It was almost as if they were really really tarnished, not letting the yarn slide across them. I don't know what would have happened if the magic of the oddly blue cleaning fluid, but I can assure you that wherever in the wonderful world you live, you would have quite definitely heard me. So moral of the story being... never leave your projects in a really really old metal drawer for more than 3 weeks, curse you dorm life!

Well it seems as though I have no other useful tidbits to convey today, although maybe that the play Les Miserables gets stuck in your head for ever if you listen/watch it even once. I can't seems to get it out of my head, and just when its out, someone will say something totally innocent, but it turns out to be a lyric and it is stuck once again, like if someone were to say "at the end of the day..." and by the time they finish their statement I have 'sung' on through to I Dreamed a Dream. I seriously need to get a life I know.

Alright, enough rambling for one post.

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