Friday, March 30, 2012

Episode 31: Sleep, Who Needs It?

Show Notes:

Finished objects- Surprise surprise, nothing finished, unless you consider the search for my new project to be over!

WIP's- Moonlight Sonata- still going, not quickly though, since I really haven't been able to work on it.

My newest project, the RĂ©allon by Marthe Lecapelain. I am doing this one in Dark Denim I Love This Yarn, a pure, unadulterated... Acrylic yarn. Big woop, I know. But it has cables, so it makes it all better.

Butterfly Monstosity- My crosstitch has once again stalled, but not without a great deal of work done on it. It will be picked up soon, just not at the moment.

I am thinking about my April KAL, and it will be up on Ravlery, barring any huge problems (which is likely since my mozilla hates Ravelry now), before the end of March. I think that's it so, have a great weekend if you are watching before the weekend, and Mum will see you on Monday(or you will see her.)!

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