Saturday, March 17, 2012

Episode 26: Last of the Guest Stars

Show Notes:


Finished objects- Citron, the smaller size, which works better as a babushka, as we found out.

WIP's- Gwendolen shawl, in the cappuccino colorway of Cherry Tree hill lace weight yarn.


Finished objects- Hitchhiker- by Martina Behm, which was finished on Tuesday for our March Knit a long.

WIP's- One sock done, and another sock ready for the heel to turn.

My newest project, the Moonlight Sonata, by whom I don't know. It is being knit up in the dark grape colorway of Alpaca with a Twist's fino yarn.

And as for the rest, you shall have to watch and see. If I had remembered the original title for this episode the title would have been different, but it escaped me until it was too late, so the title won't be unconventional headwear, instead it is last of the guest stars. So with that I shall leave you. Have a great weekend and Mum/Knitalittle will see you on Monday. After issues with blip last night, here is the latest episode, a bit late, I know. Later than I though when I wrote this as it turns out.

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