Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Episode 27: Fire Drills, Fire inspections and Fun

I made a mistake while saving it, contrary to the intro, this is actually Episode 27. Oops.
We had a fire drill at 7 am, and shortly after the fire inspector came by, hence the title. You will have to see for yourself what the fun was (a telephone was involved ;)).
WIP's: My capelet, which while parts of it were blocking stunk up my room because its alpaca. And caused me paranoid grief during the fire alarm.
Finished Objects: The Pavonis!!!!! Wooohooo, its done, and its gorgeous!
Starting soon, perhaps some scarves with the yarn I got in a package from home and the hitchhiker, which Mum and Lindsay have already finished.
See you all next week, thanks for tuning in! Happy Knitting.

1 comment:

  1. sock yarn the word you are looking for. Not enough for the hitch hiker. Sorry. I'm sure you can find a yarn close by. Can't wait to see you knit it up.