Friday, March 9, 2012

Episode 23: Dueling Random

Show Notes:


WIPs- Tangled yoke cardigan, so close, and yet so far. Story of most cardis that aren't all one piece it seems.

Citron- Coming along nicely, now that is has a home all designated.

Me, Lindy-

WIPS- socks, with the airport, I got the heel starting to turn, and should be done relatively soon, hopefully, then I can do the other.

Pavonis- Almost done too, I have to frog a quarter of a row then bind off since my yarn has started to shrink, drastically.

Hitchhiker, by Martina Behm- Both of us will be doing this since we both want to, and when we get with our other 3rd we will see if it will be a knit a long, maybe not, maybe, we don't know. So of you want to knit it along with us, then berate Kathyrn's ravelry mail or with comments to strong arm her into doing it. The yearn we were going to do it in has changed since we recorded, so we will update you all when we cast Monday's pod.

Well, we hope you all have enjoyed us in our jammies, it did go a bit long, and we hope, not promise it will go a bit more succinctly on Monday, but don't hold your breath. Until then, have a great weekend, and I and Knitalittle will see you again on Monday!!

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