Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 19: Small Victories can overshadow hectic nights

 I made a mistake in recording! Lindsay podcasts on Friday, not Wednesday. My brain is shot, so don't blame me, blame all the residents that decided to cause trouble last night.
WIP's: The pavonis has been extended into March. Let us see your progress on our Ravelry group. Evelyn's sweater has gotten a good amount of work done on it at the expense of my pavonis. I should have it done by the end of the week though.
Finished objects: My socks :)
Thank you to Enid for following our blog!
Update since recording.  There was another fire drill.  If I had pushed back my recording a half hour you would have witnessed a jump of fright from me in the middle of the podcast!


  1. Then if you don't have a nickname I will have to over the summer and give you a new nickname. Like cuddles and Helga (our 2 cats) or wiki(sedgewick our dog).

  2. I think it would be kinda awkward if my nickname was cuddles and was given to me by my sister......

  3. Alright, you can be Helga! Or Jucyfruit. Take your pick, I don't think Chappy would mind sharing.

  4. When did he get the nickname Helga? I just remember Jucyfruit. If I have to, I'll take helga, jucyfruit reminds me of another awkward conversation we had way back. Remember?