Friday, February 17, 2012

Episode 14: Brain Putty

Show Notes:
Shout outs and Thank You's-
Sadie/BlueRuin- Thank you for both joining our group as well as the Hitchhiker, which will be Mum and I's spring break project. She can be see podcasting here... She is yarnivore.

Mum/Knitalittle- for all the great birthday goodies, yarn, needles, notions and such.

Lois/Knittingsmybag- Thank you so much for the bag and assorted goodies. I love the stitch markers as well as the lotion.

Bets/elizstitches- Thanks for joining the blog! I know you joined a while ago, but some people forgot to mention you.

Works in Progress-
Lots and lots of work done on Plucky- a good 6ish inches. I now only have 4 ish inches left to go. Woop Woop.

Pavonis- Not much done on pavvie since I have had exams and such, making class knitting rather scarce this week. But I did manage a good repeat. So not too bad.

As promised, pictures of my woe befallen door. I am asking maintenance what I can do about this because I don't want to loose my deposit for their stupidity.

So with that I shall leave you guys, long post this time, sorry 'bout that. If you are missing me in the middle of the week, I am on Plurk as Lindy, and Rav as knittingdoink, so drop me a line if you want, I love hearing from you guys. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend. I don't have class on Sat. so I will be!!


  1. Your pavonis is still your screen shot......:)

    1. Wow, Blip must really like pavvie. That's a compliment, right?

  2. Your Da says...............
    But your Mum keeps telling me its Finnish. I disagree. "My Pavonis" is by The Knack, ca 1979.