Monday, May 21, 2012

Slacking Off

Hello again all, it seems we haven't talked for a while, either in a podcast or in the old fashioned blog posts. This last week for both me and Kathryn has been absolutely crazy. I cannot remember the last time that I plurked, or even emailed someone. Terrible I know. But I have not forgotten our faithful readers, and to be honest, I have kinda missed sitting down and tapping a few thoughts into a blog post.

To start with, since the last podcast, I have helped clean and pack a dorm room, with about two times the stuff in mine. I have been dragged all around Kathryn's school for about 10 days, which was actually enjoyable. I went to bed after midnight every night for the past 10 days, which for me is a record. A good amount of knitting has gotten done of which I shall show in the next episode.

But I would have to say one of the main reasons why I/Kathryn haven't podcasted, is that Kathryn graduated last weekend. So I have been to receptions and ceremonies, on top of the packing and cleaning. We fell into bed every night for the last 3-5 days totally exhausted from all of the stuff we had to do, so if we remembered to podcast, I promise they would not have been pretty. Mum flew up to Buffalo on Friday and joined us, and we all stayed with her at a friend's house on Saturday after graduation, which was chaos in itself. We hadn't seen them in a good few years, and all  kids and Mrs. Smith were vying for every free moment of ours. It was a lot of fun, and a nice break, but very tiring.

So, since we are all home, after a very very long day of travel (of which we will expand upon in the next podcast) there will be some changes to the podcast. These I assure you will be temporary, until the end of the summer, and we are all on our way back to our respective campuses. We will post one podcast a week, on Wednesdays, instead of 3 per week. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


  1. Wonderful! Congratulations Kathryn! :D

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it seems that day would never come with how many late nights I had to endure, but other days it felt that things were passing by way to quickly.