Friday, May 4, 2012

Episode 45: Self Handicapping

Show Notes:
WIP's: Réallon- past most of the shaping, and is coming along nicely due to a weekend of destressing. It had to get put down because of what happened to my finger. I drew blood and put a hole in it, which is just now almost healed.

Moonlight sonata- not much love aside from a row or two.

Newest project-For once I acted on an impulse and casted this on, it is the Sewanee, in 5th avenue's Toe-rriffic sock yarn in the vineyard colorway. I need a project that wouldn't make my finger too much worse, so this was it, and I needed a straight knitting project anyway, so everyone wins it seems.

FO's- I forgot about the Tolliver baby sweater, so I will post a picture below. It was gifted to my professor last Monday, since the end of the semester was going to be nuts and I wouldn't have had a good time to give it to her. She loved, and so did every ounce of estrogen in the vicinity.
A big thank you to Debknits2 for joining the ravlery group, and an even bigger thanks to both of my KAL buddies from last month, Debcquilts and Elizstitches, for bringing our KAL to victory! You will have to tune in to see who won the pattern! And get your sock yarn ready, my KAL for next month will be sock related!

Have a great weekend everyone, and when we meet again (or when  you see me again) I will be in Buffalo, driving my co-host Kathryn bonkers!


  1. enjoying your blog! I nominated you all for the Liebster award. Check out the details.

  2. FYI for your sore finger, "Thimble It" might help. I use them a lot, Hobby Lobby & Joann carry them:

    1. At one point Lindsay had a duct-tape reinforced thimble that she taped to her finger so she could continue knitting with her damaged finger. Then the dog ate it haha! We shall have to get her the supplies to make another one!