Thursday, May 31, 2012

Episode 51: Assorted Headgear

I must apologize for my coughing in the beginning of the episode, I thought I had timed it so I could cut it and still keep mum's intro, but it turned out I coughed through it. Sorry! Wips: Mum: Confetti Shawl, Zuzu Petals shawl Lindsay: Adventure Seeker, Rendezvous Shawl Kathryn: Tornved, Shawl Beaded Shawl (no love this week :() FO's: Mum: Baby Socks, Yarn Cake cover, Magrathea! Lindsay:Socks, sorta. Magrathea! (notice a trend?) Kathryn: Magrathea! (yup, all done together!) Friend us on plurk, KatieJo36, Lindyloudoinker, Knitalittle. Join our group on Ravelry, leave a comment on the blog or itunes, let us know you're watching! Happy Knitting!


  1. Love the new Magrathea's - you guys are so fast!
    Michelle, congrats on your job, how perfect :)

  2. Thank you Bets really enjoying my new job. I love the friendly competition between the girls and I. Keeps me on my toes :)

    1. Yea right, day two, and you put yours down so we have time to "catch up." Mum's the speediest of all of us!