Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 37: Dream Soundtracks

Show Notes:
WIP's- Réallon, neck all finished and am almost done with the raglan increases.
Moonlight sonata- Still not getting alot of love, got about a half repeat done.

No future plans, and only a preemie hat to put in the Fo's column.

So, join our ravelry group, if you don't join the group, you can't win a pattern. So join the group, then join one of KAL's, and you, and the whoever's KAL you join could win also! So have a great weekend, and Mum will see you on Monday!

And, unfortunately embedding was disabled on the video, but here is the link for the video mentioned in the podcast. 

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  1. :) :) it is post a comment for your favorite podcaster so you and your sister are it. :) :)