Friday, April 6, 2012

Episode 34: Goin' Tubular

Show Notes:
Moonlight Sonata- Still no designer, at least that I informed you of. With Ravelry still acting up, all I know is that it is from About a repeat done, so not really setting the knitting world aflame.

RĂ©allon- Got the cabled band done, and am now done picking up the stitches and am working on the neck.

Butterfly Monstrosity- Still getting some work done on it, and it is actually looking like something.

No finished projects, sorry. I have yet to start my KAL, but I will have time for finishing the finishing in a weekish, so no big issue.

So, thank you to both Deb, (decquilts) and Janet (janetclaire) for joining our group. Also join my KAL, you could win a pattern, and so could I! So thanks for watching, and bearing with me. Have a great weekend, and Mum will see you on Monday!

P.S- The episode number is wrong on the video, it is actually 34, like the post says. I guess I am a bit more spacy than I though. 

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