Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Episode 98: Nostalgia

Show Notes:
Pi Shawl-Made it to row 50! Over halfway done with the last section!
Safire Sweater-I think this sweater's motto should be slow and steady wins the race!

New Projects:
Xeni Shawl-knitting in my color changing yarn from Rhinebeck.

As promised, here's the link to Siamsa.  And apparently there is a new version of Siamsa, shows you how much I pay attention! But this dance can be a pick-me-up to just about anyone's day. Its so bright and colorful!
Oh, and here are two dances, comparing the old and the new versions.  Yes, the dresses weren't as long as I remember as a kid, but the concept is still there.  I will give the new version this: their sets are awesome, bad guys are way cooler and they upped the anti on the sound effects.
Breakout Old:
Breakout New:
Stolen Kiss Old:
Stolen Kiss New:

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