Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode 54: Dino Buddies and Randomness!

Finished objects:
Mum: Zuzu Petals
Lindsay and Kathryn: Basil the Boogie-Woogie Brontosaurus which we have so named Beast and Boris.

Mum: Owl Socks, a brontosaurus, preemie blanket, manahara and a half pie.
Lindsay: Adventure Seeker KAL and the Rendezvous shawl
Kathryn: Triangle Scarf, Preemie blanket, and the ethereal triangle shawl

We have had several people join our Ravelry group this week so if you haven't yet joined head on over here: and join for our discussions!

Comment, give us a star rating, tell us what you like and suggestions on how to improve, let us know you're out there! Happy Knitting!

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